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Four compelling reasons you should choose a career in IT

Posted at 3:21 PM, Aug 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-25 19:28:27-04

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Information Technology, or IT, is a very broad field in desperate need of proficient employees. Companies are in need of individuals who understand computers, can keep them up and running and talking to each other. It goes something like this.

Computer: Hey server (not the restaurant waiter), yeah you, I’m talking to you! I want

Server: I hear you loud and clear, computer. Here’s the page you requested. Oh, and did I just break a speed record? Yes, I think I did. You’re welcome.

OK, maybe things can get a bit more complicated than that illustration, but hey, that’s why IT professionals keep things going smoothly. They’re like the Ghostbusters of the Internet — server is down and website appears to be broken, “who you gonna call?” Gho…IT!

Currently there are less qualified applicants than there are openings in the field, therefore, the hiring rate is good and the pay is high. Here are four key reasons to pursue a career in IT.

1. More jobs than qualified applicants

Boom. Right up front, more jobs than qualified applicants. That is reason enough to consider any career option, especially this one. With a limited number of applicants who can do the job, there are even fewer who can do it efficiently and with ease. The responsibilities are large but so are the rewards.

In today’s digital world, companies rely heavily on their IT departments to ensure websites are up and running and communication isn’t hindered. So yeah, IT guys are pretty important.

2. Great pay

IT jobs come with some of the best salaries in the workforce today. Careers with a two-year IT degree start in the $45-65,000 range and can quickly grow to over $100,000 a year.

According to Forbes, a Computer and Information Systems Manager is the third highest paying job for women. In fact, women earn 97 percent of what men in the same field earn. With only 26 percent of the industry being women there is an even greater opportunity for more qualified women. Attention: Calling all ladies to the IT world.

3. The industry is hot

Many publications consistently rate careers as Network Systems Analysts and Software Engineers in the top five most popular in America. Competing in popularity with jobs in the medical field.

It has become a much easier process as the interest for the field has grown. Even colleges are seeing the industry boom. “We are adding course after course as the industry has grown and demand continues to outpace qualified individuals,” states Spencer DeGraw, IT Program Director for LDS Business College. “Our business partners are waiting to hire our graduates and many receive part-time jobs while they are still in school to help pay for the cost of education.

4. Never get bored

With the abundance of opportunities like database administration, business intelligence, cyber security and mobile app development you will never get bored. There is no reason to be locked into a single area of IT either. Employers are just as varied with schools, banks, ad agencies, retailers and hospitals IT experts.

All in all, there is high demand in a hot industry with many learning opportunities and high paying careers. If you’re a tech-savvy person naturally, perhaps the IT world is right for you.