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Springtime tips for lawn, garden and fruit tree care

Posted at 4:25 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 20:18:37-04

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If you have a lawn, garden and/or fruit trees, here are some tips to keep them healthy this year.

Lawn Carelawn
Make sure your lawn is getting its proper nutrients and weed preventers. In spring you should be getting down your spring feed and pre-emergent, if you go later in spring a good spray of weed killers wouldn’t hurt. In our heavy clay soils it is also recommended to use some type of soil activator to break up the clay for the roots to grow better. Late May or Early June put down a Weed & Feed. Mid-Summer a basic fertilizer and in fall a winterize. Tri City offers a 4 step program that will cover all your lawn care needs.

gardenVegetable/Small Fruit Gardening

Now is the time to start planting some cold weather vegetables. You should also be getting those garden beds ready with fertilizers and tilling the soils. Tri City Nursery has all your vegetable needs. We also have a big selection of unique small fruits; Honeyberry, Kiwi, Gooseberry, Goji Berry, Sea Berry along with multiple varieties of Raspberries and Strawberries. One of our favorite Strawberries is the Albion Strawberry. It’s more of a bush plant and the berry is consistently bigger in size with a very sweet flavor. We carry both potted and bare root berries.

Fruit Tree Sprayingapple-orchard

Fruit Tree Sprays is one of the best, and most important, sprays of the entire year. Fruit Tree spray means spraying a plant with ‘Dormant Oil’ or ‘Horticulture Fruit Tree Oil’ (depending on time of year) this spray can be applied in the late-fall, winter, or early-spring; sometimes it is needed both in the fall and in the spring.

A properly timed dormant spray will prevent, and kill, more insects and diseases than most other sprays during the year. Dormant sprays can also help reduce the amount of spraying needed later in the season.

Here is a link to USU Extension explaining the best sprays to use and when:

Now is also the time to get your Fruit Tree Pruning done.