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Here are 85 Things FOX 13 Viewers Can Do at Hogle Zoo Throughout the Summer

Posted at 2:38 PM, May 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-27 16:41:26-04

star-sponsored-nativeThe following is sponsored by Hogle Zoo.

If you’re looking for something to do this summer, Hogle Zoo has 85 ideas for you!

1. Take a whirl on the Conservation Carousel
2. Ride the iconic Zoofari Express!
3. Monkey around with the colobus at Primate Forest.
4. Rent a stroller or wheelchair at Karibu Quick Stop.
5. Get a new perspective of the rhinos from inside the Kopje rock!
6. Enjoy the animals of African Savanna from the many overlooks.
7. Feed a giraffe from Twiga Terrace.
8. View the elephants while enjoying a delicious meal at the Beastro.
9. Enjoy a daily Pachyderm Program at Elephant Encounter.
10. Watch the raptors fly at the World of Flight Bird Show. Show times daily.
11. Skip along the new boardwalk at Creekside.
12. Towel off after a frolic in the water at Lighthouse Point.
13. Get soaked at the blow hole at Lighthouse Point!
14. Slide down the circular slide in the lighthouse at Lighthouse Point.
15. Catch the jumping the water at Lighthouse Point.
16. Enjoy seal and sea lion training programs at Rocky Shores Theater.
17. Get nose-to-nose with Rizzo, the polar bear as she swims in her climate-controlled pool.
18. Count the many reptiles in the small animal building.
19. Find the elusive birds in the rainforest in the Small Animal Building.
20. Watch as animals cool off with tasty treats during Ice Block Day.
21. Be part of the solution at Endangered Species Day.
22. Look and learn at the Wonders on Wheel (WOW) cart any day on grounds.
23. Spin the Kugel Ball in the main plaza and guess its weight.
24. Count the stripes on the zebras in the grasslands of African Savanna.
25. Get eye-to-eye with Baron and Vulcan, the male lions in African Savanna.
26. Take a selfie with the pride at Lion’s Hill.
27. Take a sip from Leo, the iconic lion drinking fountain.
28. Enjoy a bowl of Dippin’ Dots – A Hogle Zoo favorite!
29. Honor your family with the purchase of an engraved boardwalk plank at Creekside.
30. Enjoy the new slides at the Creekside playground.
31. Climb the wall at the new Creekside playground.
32. Learn about the importance of Emigration Creek at Creekside.
33. Listen and learn from a Hogle Zoo Eco-Explorer.
34. Sign up the kids for the popular Zoo Camp! But hurry, spots go quick!
35. Line up for the tree slide at the new play area at Creekside. Do you dare?
36. Swing on a rope in the new play area at Creekside.
37. Learn about the natural world at a program at the Wyatt Fricks Discovery Theater.
38. Drop your token in Oasis Plaza to support the ‘Big Six’ and learn what you can do to make a difference.
39. Purchase a plush at the Wild Zootique – they have plenty!
40. Shop the award-winning Hogle Zoo gift show, Wild Zootique.
41. It’s all about fun treats and Zoo favorites at Cat Wok Café!
42. Visit ‘grandma’ at Grandma’s House in Asian Highlands.
43. Howl with the wolves on south ridge.
44. Take a selfie with the cute markhor of Asian Highlands.
45. Find the elusive Pallas cats at Asian Highlands.
46. Take a photo of the grizzlies at Rocky Shores.
47. Treat yourself to treats at Shoreline Grill in Rocky Shores.
48. Have you ever seen the harbor seals zoom by in Rocky Shores?
49. Take a family photo at the gorilla statue.
50. Oooo and ahhh over little Tuah, the baby orangutan.
51. She’s so little! And cute! Visit Willow, the baby giraffe.
52. Have a question? Ask the guest services team in the main plaza.
53. Wave hello to a Hogle Zoo security officer, who help keep you & your family safe.
54. Count the number of large and small animal sculptures at Creekside.
55. Take a family photo on top of the popular rhino statue!
56. Look for a cart of ‘bio facts’ on grounds presented by the Zoo’s Eco-Explorers!
57. Wish little Zuri, the elephant, a happy 7th birthday on August 9!
58. Hogle Zoo celebrates 85 years at the mouth of Emigration Canyon on August 1.
59. Feed a rhino and help contribute to their survival in the wild.
60. Admission for members of the military and their immediate family is FREE on July 4!
61. Hail to the ‘King of Beasts’ at the daily African lion demonstrations.
62. Love the Zoo? Purchase a Hogle Zoo membership.
63. Enroll the youngest kiddos in the Zoo’s popular pre-school programs.
64. Have lunch with a Zookeeper!
65. Work on your merit badges at the Zoo’s various scout programs.
66. The Zoo has classes for children with special needs. Visit for details.
67. Learn more about the world around us at the Zoo’s Nature Club.
68. Join the Hogle Zoo Explorer Society and truly make an impact.
69. Spend the night at the Zoo at ZooSnooz!
70. Go ape over enrichment, helping the keepers of the great ape building.
71. Purchase a giraffe VIP experience, including a private feeding.
72. Feed a giant tortoise. Cool! Visit for more information.
73. Propose to your beloved with an animal engagement opportunity!
74. Feed the birds in the rainforest. $$$ raised goes to conservation programs.
75. Take a wildlife photography course at the Zoo!
76. Learn about animals in your own backyard at Wild Aware Day.
77. See the baby titi monkey in the small animal building.
78. Mix-It-Up at the Mix-It-Up hut in Oasis Plaza.
79. Get to know Brutus, Titus and Calliope, the three darling lion cubs.
80. Attend the Teddy Bear Picnic event and give your plush a ‘check up’ by the Zoo vets.
81. See the Zoo without strollers and with drink in hand, enjoy the summer Zoo Brew events, May through September.
82. Wave to the wild mustangs as you pass by on the Zoofari Express!
83. Are you a Zoo member? Visit the Zoo’s Sunrise and Sunset Safari events.
84. Honor our pachyderm friends during World Elephant Day in August.
85. Take a peek at the peacocks and jungle fowl which roam grounds daily.