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5 Insiders Tips to Becoming the Ultimate College Football Fan

Posted at 11:12 AM, Sep 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 13:52:25-04

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Whether you love the spot where the sagebrush grows or are fighting for the dear old crimson, we can all rise and shout for the long-awaited arrival of the college football season. From tailgate parties to your battle cry echoing through the sky, there is a way for everyone to celebrate America’s favorite sport.

For the making of a college football super-fan, we asked the Big Sky Championship Head Football Coach for Southern Utah University, Demario Warren, for his insider tips on how to become a football fanatic.

Here are 5 Insiders Tips to Becoming the Ultimate College Football Fan:

  1. Wear your game day colors. Choosing a red or blue shirt in the morning can make friends or break hearts. Be sure to follow your team’s social media accounts to find out if a game is a black-out, white-out, themed, etc.
  1. Stay hydrated. Dancing at the tailgate, yelling during the game and celebrating the win can take a toll on your body. Be sure to drink plenty of water so you can cheer and stay on your a-game all day long.
  1. tailgate-2Go to the tailgates. Dedicated fans anticipate game-day all week and celebrate the game all day. Most tailgate parties start a few hours before kick-off, so find some free food, win prizes and get pumped up with fellow fans.
  1. Learn the fight song. Words cannot describe the pounding in your chest as you jump, clap, and sing the fight song with the band. You can find some of the fight songs from Utah colleges with football teams here so you can know every word to scream when your team comes blazing through.
  1. Cheer loud, cheer proud. There is one part of a football game where fans need to go crazy: third down on defense. It is crucial for the stands to erupt with go, go, gos and fight, fight, fights when the other team is on third down.

To prove the importance of third down cheering Coach Warren gives his on-the-sideline perspective of crowd participation in the game.

coach-warren“I am not a doctor; I don’t know how to get those vocal cords ready to go, but we have to be ready to shout on third down every time the defense is on,” said Warren. “Opposing teams have motions and shifts. The louder we can be, the harder it is for the opponent to really time that snap up and get it right.”

Madi Maynard, Spirit Director for Southern Utah University’s Student Association, is in charge of the student section and all aspects of school spirit at the games. According to her, all real fans attend the tailgate from start to finish, and activities are a must to get you pumped for the game.

“Always wear your school colors.  Costumes and fan-wear are also perfect additions,” said Maynard. “Take pride in all you do and go crazy.”

Fans make the atmosphere, environment and all social aspects loud and exciting and the place to be on game-day. The bigger crowd, the better. Any coach or player will tell you the crowd is a game-changer. To get the full college football experience, follow these two keys: SHOW UP and BE LOUD.

ultimate-fan-2Whether you run and score till the thunder roars, or growl and snarl and show how you rate, you can cheer your team to victory by following these tips to ultimate fandom.

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