Athletic tech gifts for the adventurer on your list

Posted at 2:56 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 16:56:05-05

Fitness guru Mimi Sinclair knows a thing about fitness gadgets. She has placed in the top spot in many marathons and teaches a variety of fitness classes throughout the community. She shared her list of fitness-themed gift ideas.

Here are some exercise items that cover everything for people who like weights, those that workout at home, go to a gym, love to run, hate to exercise etc.
1. Interchangeable dumbells.
I have a set of these at home. They are great because both men and women can use them and they take up very little space.They also allow you to up your weight when you're ready instead of having to go out and buy another set of dumbells. They adjust from 5-52.5 pounds. $350ish
2. TRX: This is suspension training at its best. It was developed by Navy Seals that wanted a workout when on a ship. You use your own body weight to determine how hard you want to work. The entire body can be challenged. Legs, upper body, core and cardio. It also is great for people that travel for work because the strap is so small and can be hooked up on a door. $140ish
3. Wireless headphones/Wired Headphones: The Jaybird X2 were rated one the best wireless headphones for exercise. You get an 8-hour battery life and the reviews say they stay in place fairly well. I prefer a wired headphone made by Urbanears for all my running races. I feel like they never come loose and have held up through a number of races rain or shine. Jaybird X2 $100-200, Urbanears $50.
4. Solomon Running water bottle: Favorite hydration system for runners, both trail and road. Easy to use and has the least amount of impact on the body.
5. Garmin Forerunner: Best watch for runners. Has heart rate cadence, GPS, average pace, etc. You can download everything to an app on your phone and see exactly what your run looked like. Including elevation, pace, HR, etc for each mile.

Just cool things to have:
-Finis Neptune: It allows you to listen to music in the water. No ear buds. It uses bone conduction audio that relays the music to your ears. $160
-MisFit Shine- Fitness tracker that can be a bracelet, pendant, or just sit in your pocket. It's waterproof and tracks all exercise activities. $120
-Sportiiiis: So cool for cyclists. It's mounted on sunglasses and through voice command you can see your heart rate, speed, cadence, and power.$150
-HAPIFork: Helps you reduce your eating pace. Sensors notify you through tiny vibrations if you're eating too quickly. Allowing people to find a sensation of fullness rather than rushing through a meal. $99