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Are you experiencing the issue of peeing during workouts?

Posted at 5:56 PM, Mar 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-07 19:56:52-05

Ladies, are you peeing during your workout at the gym?  Yes? Well, Geneveve is a life-changing Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment that helps many women stop stress urinary incontinence!  Women are able to finally have confidence at the gym!  Women are ditching their maxi pads and changing their daily life!  Geneveve stimulates collagen formation and growth!  When new collagen is built, patients are able to work out Pee-Free!  That is completely life changing!

Why are women experiencing the issue of peeing during workouts?

Although stress urinary incontinence is not openly discussed among women, it’s absolutely something that we should be discussing.  After childbirth, it is extremely common to pee during workouts!  The vaginal canal stretches and does not always “bounce back” and having multiple children can compound the issue.  It is also very common to have stress urinary incontinence as a woman matures in age!  As we age, collagen loss increases while our body’s production decreases.  The Geneveve treatment is extremely effective at stimulating new collagen formation!

Are Women Wearing Maxi Pads at the Gym?

Many women use maxi pads or adult pads to help with instances of stress urinary incontinence.  This issue is extremely common, annoying, and does not ultimately “fix” the problem that so many women face.  Geneveve can give women their daily confidence back by letting them literally ditch and leave behind the maxi pads.  You may be dealing with stress urinary incontinence with no idea of how to “fix” the issue, but you don’t have to!

The Geneveve treatment is performed by Dr. Molly Mears, OB/GYN.

Having an OB/GYN perform the Geneveve treatment makes a world of difference in our patients’ confidence in not only the treatment itself but that they are being treated by a medical professional.  Dr. Molly Mears performs each Geneveve treatment!

How does Geneveve compare to other treatments out there?

Geneveve is able to penetrate 10x deeper into the vaginal tissue to stimulate collagen growth, than any other treatment!  With no pain, no downtime, and superior results, women should feel confident that they are getting the absolute best treatment available!

 Geneveve consultations are completely FREE!  Isn’t it time to ditch the pad and experience a pee free workout again?

Geneveve is 30% off!  Each patient will have their treatment customized to fit their specific needs!

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