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A Tip for Saving Money on Your Summer Projects

Posted at 12:36 PM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-02 14:36:45-04

The following is sponsored by Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting

Do you have sunken concrete around your house causing a dangerous tripping hazard or a terrible eyesore? Did you know that you can actually lift it back into place? That’s right! No need to rip it out and repour all new concrete. Lifting it can cost less than half of the price of replacing it and will save you money for more summer activities. Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting specializes in these projects and wants to help! They have been in business for over 30 years all over Utah and now have expanded into Colorado, South Dakota, and Florida!

Before and After Photos:

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, a specialist from Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting will come and assess the area that needs to be lifted. Once the bid has been accepted by you, Interwest will send a team out to lift the concrete slab.
  2. Interwest’s crew will begin by drilling a small hole (about the size of your pinky, ⅝ an inch to be exact) into the sunken concrete slab.
  3. A high pressure pump injects a two part polyurethane foam into the hole to fill the void. When the components of the material are mixed, a reaction causes the material to expand.
  4. Filling the void under the sunken concrete slab will lift the slab back up to as close to the slab’s original position as possible. The team will inject foam in a few different holes to make sure we fill up the whole void to make for an even lift.
  5. Once the sunken slab has lifted back to as close to its original state as possible, the holes are patched to match the surrounding concrete and your concrete slab is good to go!


How much does it cost?

The cost of lifting concrete always varies. It depends on how large of an area being lifted and how far it has sunk. Interwest does offer free estimates, give them a call and they will take a look!

When can I walk/drive my car on the cement?

The polyurethane cures in about 15 minutes. Meaning, by the time the crew has cleaned up and left you are able to walk and drive on your improved concrete slab!

What causes the concrete slab to sink in the first place?

Various problems can cause the concrete slab to sink. The most common reason is that water runoff washed the dirt out from under the concrete slab, creating a void. Once the void becomes too large, the concrete slab falls into the void.

Polyurethane foam vs. slurry?

Interwest used slurry for awhile but now that they have switched polyurethane foam they say there is no going back! There are significantly smaller holes, less mess to clean up, and they have seen amazing results with polyurethane foam!

What other services does Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting offer?

Interwest Piering & Concrete lifting also offers piering for sunken foundations, preconstruction helical piers, and deep foam injections.

Foundation piering is similar to concrete lifting, but instead of lifting a sunken concrete slab it lifts houses. Yep, an entire house! Piers are driven down into the bedrock which supports the foundation and the pressure of the piers against the bedrock causes the house to lift to its appropriate level. If you have any foundation problems like the pictures down below, give Interwest a call.

Piering Photos:

Deep foam injections are like concrete slab lifting but on a much larger scale. Interwest injects foam deep into the ground to lift up heavier stuff, such as a pool and a warehouse floor (those are both projects Interwest has completed in the past).

Let the pros at Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting help you reach your summer project goals. Lift it best with Interwest!

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