88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, says Utah Scientist. Here’s what to do about it

12:18 PM, Nov 15, 2021
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A recent human prospective study showed that 88% of adult Americans are metabolically “unfit.” And Ben Bikman, Ph.D., a professor at BYU and a leading metabolic scientist knows just the culprit.

“It’s simply our diet,” said Bikman. “We’re eating the wrong kinds of foods in the wrong quantities, and it’s making us not only fatter, but sicker.”

Where We’ve Gone Wrong

This downward trend in health and upward trend in weight ironically got a big assist from the US government, which had been on the search for a way to “fix” the nation’s diet for some time. Backed by one dubious study, they eventually introduced the infamous “food pyramid” that drove a dramatic increase in the consumption of refined, unhealthy carbohydrates.

“For the first time in history, we had a government telling us what to eat,” said Bikman. “Encouraging us to eat far more refined carbs, and much less healthy fats and proteins, and our weight and health have only suffered for it.”

The results on the nation’s health and weight have been dire. Since the government first set dietary guidelines in 1977, the food industry has completely shifted the types of foods they produce to our overall detriment. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the weight of the average adult American today is nearly 30 pounds more than that of the average adult American in 1977.

The Modern Plague of Insulin Resistance

Bikman’s study quickly led him to further explore the hormone insulin, which, put simply, tells our body what to do with energy. While insulin is responsible for the support of hundreds of systems in the body, it is primarily known to regulate glucose levels in the blood.

“Our bodies desperately require insulin to operate properly, but our modern diet is so rich in carbohydrates that it leaves us flooded with insulin almost nonstop,” said Bikman. “And when that happens, you become insulin resistant, which is a very bad thing indeed for our health and weight.”

Bikman shares research showing that more than half of adult Americans are already insulin resistant, which is growing rapidly throughout the world.

“In general, insulin resistance makes almost anything that could go wrong with your body much, much worse,” said Bikman. “Worsening brain health, metabolic health, heart health and more; insulin resistance turns things tragic in short order.”

The Insulin Resistance Quiz

Do you think you or a loved one might be insulin resistant? Answer the questions below:

  1. Do you have more fat around your belly than you’d like?
  2. Do you have a family history of heart disease?
  3. Do you have high blood pressure or does eating salt affect your blood pressure?
  4. Do you have high levels of blood triglycerides?
  5. Do you retain water easily?
  6. Do you have gout?
  7. Do you have patches of darker colored skin or little bumps of skin (“skin tags”) at your neck, armpits, or other areas?
  8. Do you have a family member with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes?
  9. Do you have/had gestational diabetes or PCOS (for women) or have “low testosterone (for men)?

If you answered ‘yes ’to any two questions (or more), you almost certainly have insulin resistance.

Food: The Culprit AND the Cure

Bikman makes clear that if a person believes they have insulin resistance, they should consult their healthcare professional. However, there are definitive steps we each can take to become more insulin sensitive in our own homes.

“Food got us into this mess, and it’s food that will get us out of it,” said Bikman. “The easiest and best thing to do is to start limiting intake of carbohydrates immediately. Of the three macronutrients, carbs are the least necessary for the average adult and the most problematic for those struggling with metabolic problems. The health and weight challenges we’re seeing today are mostly because of that misguided shift in diet.”

The “Fat” Secret

In fact, Bikman says that increasing the consumption of healthy fats may be the most important change you can make, supporting metabolic health, brain health and more.

“Our ancestors knew that fats were the most nutrient-dense substances they could eat,” said Bikman. “They provide you with needed nutrition for your brain and body, they help you feel satisfied, curb your desire for sweets, and even help train your body to burn excess body fat.”

Bikman emphasizes that not all fats are created equal. Processed seed oils from soy, corn and canola should be avoided as they are particularly harmful, while “fruit” fats (from olives, coconuts and avocados) and animal fats like butter or ghee are uniquely beneficial.

“However, it’s important to get a wide spectrum of healthy fats, from short-, medium- and long-chain sources,” said Bikman. “It’s not about taking a shot of MCT oil or a big pat of butter and calling it a day.”

Prioritizing Protein

Bikman is also surprised at the confusion over protein. Some people advocate for very little, others consume it to excess, while others simply make poor protein choices.

“You have competing mindsets on protein, with very little legitimate science behind the arguments,” said Bikman. “Protein is essential, especially as you age, but it needs to be consumed in conjunction with fat, just as is found in nature.”

Bikman is equally concerned with the plant-based protein trend, which he emphasizes is not based on good science, but clever marketing.

“Not to be provocative, but unless you have a legitimate allergy you should avoid plant protein,” said Bikman. “You get very little nutritional benefit from plant protein due to the anti-nutrients and incomplete amino acid profile, and independent studies have shown that concentrating the incredible amount of plant matter to isolate the small amounts of protein also concentrates unhealthy levels of heavy metals, which build up in your body and devastate your health.”

The best types of protein, according to Bikman, are whey, egg whites and collagen. He emphasizes that those have the highest biological value, offer the most complete essential amino acid profile, and support lean and toned muscle, healthy joints, cartilage and bone health.

The Essential Boost to Your Diet

Even with all of the information that Bikman shares in his speeches and interviews, he is constantly asked by people around the world what they should do for their health.

“Ideally, we all would have the knowledge, time, discipline and budget to plan, purchase and prepare perfect meals,” said Bikman. “But it simply doesn’t happen; people get busy, they get stressed and they make unhealthy choices that derail their health goals.”

Bikman realized that although he continues publishing scientific papers and doing the occasional interview and podcast, he could do more to assist those that don't always have the time, knowledge or discipline to eat healthily. In response, Bikman and his co-founding team of nutrition and industry experts recently created HLTH Code Complete Meal.

Bikman says these carefully formulated meal shakes are designed to promote healthy weight management, gut health, brain health, even hair, skin and nail health. HLTH Code Complete Meal is low in carbs and features an optimized, science-backed blend of protein, collagen, healthy fats, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, fiber, vitamins and minerals—with no added sugar or any artificial ingredients.

“HLTH Code Complete Meal is based on research, not fads,” said Bikman. “An incredible amount of work went into making this nutritionally balanced and optimized, yet we knew that if it didn’t taste good, no one would use them consistently.”

Keeping Hunger at Bay (the Right Way)

When it comes to eating, Bikman says it’s easy to consume plenty of calories and still feel hungry. This is because the calories consumed are not the right types of calories to provide essential nutrition. He refers to this as “mis-nourishment” and he says it’s ruining many people’s health.

“Each HLTH Code Complete Meal shake is packed with optimized amounts of these ingredients to leave you feeling full and energized for hours,” said Bikman. “Yet it’s more convenient and affordable than virtually any meal you could make or buy.”

Bikman says the shakes are quick and easy to make: Just add two scoops of Creamy Vanilla or Chocolate Macadamia Complete Meal Powder to 8 oz. of cold water and shake or blend. For general wellness, he recommends replacing one meal daily. To reset your health or for weight loss, replace up to two meals per day.

“I’ve been drinking this for 5 months to break my intermittent fast and I’m in my best shape and down 21 pounds. I can’t recommend this enough!! Plus it has a great flavor!! What’s not to love??” said one reviewer.

Another reviewer shared, “The results have been phenomenal! Thank you HLTH Code. The shakes are yummy but the health results are miraculous.”

Can HLTH Code Help With Insulin Resistance?

According to Bikman, the best health starts with the right blend of nutrition. Better insulin sensitivity, increased energy, feeling more vibrant, a stronger immune system, a clearer mind, improved gut health, and an improved appearance are some of the benefits from improving one’s nutrition.

“The comprehensive benefits of HLTH Code Complete Meal are especially helpful if you’re trying to lose weight,” said Bikman. “Weight loss is rarely easy. There has to be the right changes in both hormones and caloric balance to signal to the body that it’s time to start burning, not storing, fat.”

Bikman adds that based on the best available studies on human metabolism, HLTH Code Complete Meal helps people lose weight without the need for counting every calorie.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

If you’re concerned about trying something new and making changes to your nutrition plan, don’t be. Bikman stands by his HLTH Code Meal Replacement products and is willing to guarantee your satisfaction.

“You have nothing to lose (except those extra pounds) and everything to gain—in terms of improved wellness and confidence,” said Bikman.

Indeed, if you’ve been looking for improved wellness and healthy weight management, then HLTH Code Complete Meal Replacement may well be your answer. For exclusive savings on your first order, visit getHLTH.com and enter the discount code FOX13NOW at checkout.


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