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Do you think other people are out to ruin your life and make it as miserable as they can? Did you find love only to lose it again shortly after? Maybe you are confused as to the path you need to take in life that can bring you the best happiness with past life readings.

The answers you need can be answered by seers that give oracle card readings provided you choose them from one of the four or all of the portals that we will recommend in our review. A genuine review of all of the available portals you can use will give you all of the data you need to make a smart choice. You don’t have to waste money experimenting.

No need to worry about where you need to start. Just keep reading and you will know which one you need to try out first for best psychic readings online.

Best Online Psychic Reading Services of 2022

  • KasambaBest on Guidance on Important Life Decisions
  • Psychic SourceIdeal For People Who Search for Love & Relationship Psychics
  • California PsychicsBest for Mediumship and Readings for Past Lives
  • Purple GardenBest Online Psychics for New Age Spirituality

If you want to discover more about these great seer sites, read our whole review and then make a decision.

1. Kasamba – Best On Guidance for Important Life Decisions

A site like Kasamba does justice for all of its members because it offers deals and great navigation and cheap psychic readings. This means that you can sign up and use the site even if you have no technical knowledge. The website has been working since the late 90s and is still quite popular with people searching for seers who can tell them their fate.

Many of their clients are people who just want someone to listen to them as they go through a difficult time. So you can literally find out about your future and take some stress off your mind as well with spiritual readings. Your money won’t be wasted then especially if you are a skeptic.

The website is quite famous for its professional live psychics and mystical advisors who specialize in several different disciplines, even ones you might not hear about. It attracts new members quite regularly especially those who are suffering from a heart break, relationship issues or other personal problems and need spiritual readings.

Here are some of the best things that you can use and experience on Kasamba free psychics:

The ideal seers for your issues

Kasamba has a lengthy list of experienced mystical advisors and seers you can make use of and make sure your money is not wasted at all. The seers can give spiritual readings online via different ways such as through chat and even through a phone call. It is what makes the service ideal for those who cannot find people who care for them enough to listen to them. It is also great for those who want to know the path they should follow from a psychic reader.

In-depth love forecasts for the heartbroken

If you have had your heart broken way too many times to count, a love seer can help you figure out what you are doing wrong via a psychic reading. They can also tell you how you can attract the best mate. You can find this feature underneath the best mediums that are presented on the site. Choose your sign of the zodiac and you will also get a love horoscope for it regularly.

You can also get regular horoscopes for your zodiac sign from a psychic reader and also astrological predictions for the whole month if you wish. Discover what you are doing wrong, what is making you lose out on so many opportunities and what you can do to make sure they come to you. Make critical decisions about your life with help from a session from a trained seer.

Love horoscopes and compatibility

You can find out if someone you are interested in is compatible with you or not by using their zodiac sign for love predictions on Kasamba. The astrological prediction, love readings or fortune telling will tell you if you will be happy with one another or what to expect in the relationship. Get a psychic reading for the day, for a whole week and even for the entire month for your future love.

Get an availability notification

What is really good about Kasamba is that it will let you know when the advisor you need is online. You will get a notification for it. So each time they are unavailable, you don’t have to get anxious waiting for them. You can call or video chat with them when you see the notification. It is a convenient way to get readings regularly from a favored psychic reader.

Highly Safe

Kasamba is safe to navigate and is secure for its members that need chat psychic readings. So you don’t have to worry about paying online for sessions. Thousands of members like you use the site regularly to pay for these services and there have been no serious complaints as such. Just take a moment to sign up for free psychic readings and you will understand. You can find several advisors who offer sessions in a range of fields such as tarot and past life sessions. Look at the reviews posted on the site to choose a reliable one. All of the readers are paid through the site itself which monitors their astrological readings closely.

If you face any problem with free psychics any time, you can call the customer service helpline and get it resolved. The representatives are quite friendly and are trained to take care of issues timely.

Variable Pricing

The prices that are offered are affordable and are variable to ensure this. Pay for a reading from an extremely expensive seer or the cheapest or get free psychic readings. Discover a suitable professional as per the budget you have to maintain. In fact, you can go as low as $1.00 per minute for psychic predictions or as high as $10 for each minute you get a session.

You can also hire the best seers even if you cannot spend a lot for them. It frequently gives out discounts so you may get really lucky. The psychic online and mystical advisors treat every member the same as well and are closely monitored.

Making payments for a psychic online is also not difficult. You can pay for a session using Google Pay, PayPal and credit card.

2. Psychic Source – Perfect for People Who Search Love Psychics

For years and years, this site has become notable because of the sheer number of sessions and professional seers it has on its platform for psychic reading. After becoming a member, you can talk to them through video or call them for a session. All of them are evaluated by the team before they are allowed to take on customers. If you don’t love your session from a psychic medium you can ask them to give you your money back and then use it for another seer.

Here are some of the things that stood out to us:

Get Daily Horoscopes

The site offers horoscopes every day for members and you don’t have to pay anything for them. You just need to have an account on the site. Read it each day and you will know how it will go. Your horoscope and psychic reading will also give you an inkling of the energies that surround you.

Multimedia and blogs

The site is also responsible for running a well-researched blog that members and those who have not signed up to the site can also read from best psychics. The page is kept up to date so you can find useful data on there before your session. This is a great resource for skeptics or those who are nervous about signing up for psychic readings. Besides blogs, the site also has several podcasts, videos and other resources that can help if you want to learn more about a psychic medium.

Detailed profiles

All of the professional seers on the platform are evaluated for their efficacy before they can get customers via chat psychics. This means that the one you hire will first talk to you before they start. The consultation will include an in-depth discussion of your needs, wants and desires so the reading can be as smooth as possible.

You can always look up the details on the best psychics you are considering by looking at their profiles on the site. This includes the sessions they are used to giving to their clients and the ones they are good at. The profiles also show customer testimonials of each of the seers and also when they are available for a psychic reading.

They give back to the community

Not many sites like this one actually take the money they make and give it back to the community via cheap psychics. It is proof of their dedication and the fact that they are working for a higher purpose. 1% of the money that each member gives for their sessions from best psychics is donated to the charity they work for. You can choose from three different ones when you are making an account for the first time. That way you will have control over the donations that are taken from your money and feel good about yourself as well even after using cheap psychics.

Affordable rates

The site wants its members to avail as many sessions as they want to without stressing over their budget. For that it offers the first few minutes of the first reading free. The rest of the session is charged $1 for each minute that is used up by the member for best psychics.

However, the cheap sessions are not low in quality. The seers make sure of that and since they are monitored by the site closely, they cannot compromise on the quality either for numerology readings. The standout professionals make sure that this session is done extra carefully so they can get more new customers. It means more money for them via a psychic reading online so this is normal. They know that pleased customers are more willing to return to seers that they click with.

Before using the free minutes you will get when you sign up for the first time on the site, look up the seers you want to use. The profiles detail their expertise and also customer experiences. What is amazing about the site that the reviews are not edited even those that belong to best psychics online. You can find both negative and positive ones so your decision will be informed.

Face to face sessions

Unlike other sites, this one offers video chats through which its members can get sessions from the seers and mystical advisors of their choice. It is ideal for anyone who is uncomfortable with remote sessions. It gives them a personalized experience that is irreplaceable. You can get both female and male seers to talk to as per your preferences for a psychic reading online.

Some seers do not give this reading so look up if the one you are interested in does or not before hiring them. Most best psychics offer it so chances of you getting a seer who is uncomfortable with video chats is low. You can look back the footage once your session is done if you forget what they told you during it. It will help you understand yourself better.

Memorable experiences

The service has been operational since 1989 which gives it three decades of experience over other similar services. It is a powerful influencer in the field and popular with people who want sessions and those who can give them i.e. best online psychics. Many of the latter have been with the platform for years and give memorable and quality sessions to each customer.

These individuals are those who can calm down skeptics and nervous clients who are unsure about the session or afraid others may find out. All of the meetings with best psychics online are confidential so there is no chance of that happening unless you tell your friends and family about them. You have to be open to the experience or your money will go to waste.

Choose from different types of sessions and phone psychics and don’t be nervous about experimenting either. Use the free minutes you will get at the start wisely for this. You will be comforted throughout the experience.

3. California Psychics – Best for Mediumship and Readings for Past Lives

With more than two decades in operation for psychic reading, California Psychics is up there with some of the most notable portals for mystical advisors you can use. The site offers several professionals who also have experience giving sessions on all sorts of issues. These include relationships, career, future and even horoscopes via psychic phone readings.

The website offers variable price structures so members can get a meeting for less money from the readers that they prefer to chat with. That is not to say you get a perfect one each time. Expensive seers cost a lot because they give way better sessions compared to their cheaper counterparts. You can also get a session from them when the site offers discounts.

Here are the things you can check out on the site that will make it enjoyable for you:

Literally 1000s of professional seers to choose from

California Psychics has been around for decades which means that it collected a lot of professional psychics who are still working on the platform that give online psychic reading. That means customers or members get a lot of choices and seers they can get sessions from. So if one of them doesn’t satisfy you, you can always pick another one.

Affordable readings and discount offers

Since it is far from short on professional seers and mediums, the portal can afford to give a lot of rates for their members. This includes special offers that slash the price of each medium significantly and free psychic reading online so you can end up saving a lot if you are lucky. You will also get a few free minutes when you become a member for the first time. While you will need to give your payment details such as your credit card info to use the deal, it will benefit you. You can determine if the site is suitable for you and also how to navigate it for free for an online psychic reading. That way you won’t have to waste time and your money at all as you get used to the portal for the first time.

Honest user testimonials

What is really great about this website is that it does not take down negative testimonials. That means that the reviews you read on the portal are all 100% genuine. People who enjoy their astrology readings sessions usually leave long reviews encouraging others to try out their mediums. Use that information to make a choice regarding your own sessions.

The unfiltered reviews are a sign of the brand’s authentic nature and the fact that it wants all of its members to have a memorable time. They know that happy clients leave better reviews and the modern user will always search for a mix of testimonials before signing up for or paying for an online psychic reading.

Several payment methods

Before making use of the portal you need to first determine a method with which you have to pay with for each appointment from a psychic reader. You can get one without paying money but you have to give those details first to the site. You can pay using PayPal or even credit cards.

Most members fill up their account with a few dollars so they will be ready if they want to extend a meeting with the seer. This happens when the three minutes you get at the start run out. You can also use their refund policy if you are unhappy with the psychic readings and want to use that cash for another one.

Pick psychics you like

When you create your account, you can go on to pick a seer that you think is good for you. Navigate the site and you will see sections that are designed to help you. All of the best online psychics are divided as per their specialties so you can make a choice fast. You can find professionals who can give career forecasts for you and even your pets so both of you can bond. You get several types of sessions depending on the seer you like and the one you can really get along with.

The psychic reader you prefer will come down to the type of experience you need. You can hire clairsentients, channeling seers, empaths and even channelers. Some can also pull back the veil and contact the departed and tell you what they want.

Get bonuses and rewards

Members, both the old and the new, can get rewards just for getting a session. These are called Karma rewards which provides points for each minute you talk or chat with a seer or mystical advisor on the site or for a dream analysis. That way you can ensure you get back your money but this feature is suitable for people who want to get sessions regularly. So read the detailed profiles and reviews of the seers on the site before you ask them to serve you with tarot readings and more.

4. Purple Garden – Best for New Age Spirituality  

Purple Garden is a network where people who need sessions from seers and psychic online and forecasts can find the professionals they need. The site is made to be as member-friendly as it can get and it also has an app version that can be downloaded in both types of phones to access a psychic reader. You can easily talk with trained and experienced seers from all over via video and chat.

The site can answer several questions you may have regarding best online psychics and your future, relationships, career and other aspects of your life holding you from your true potential. Just add some money into your account so you do not run out when you are having a session with online psychics no matter the medium you choose. The customer reps are there all hours so you can contact them if you have trouble with a psychic reading.

Here are some of the things we loved about the portal:

It is available only via app

What is different about the portal compared to the others is that it can only be accessed through its app for best online psychics. This is quite convenient for people who are too busy to sit down in front of a desktop to get a session from their favored readers. The app can be downloaded to a phone easily via a special link for online psychics. You just need to have an email address or you will not be able to create an account.

Clean and easy interface

The portal boasts a clean and smooth interface which is designed specifically to ease use. In fact, you will not face any issues when you first download the app. It is that simple to use so you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to sign up, add more money into your account or figure out how to find the seers you need for a psychic reading. It is clear that the developers that worked on the application thought about the user’s experience thoroughly before creating a design for psychic reader lovers.

Simple payment and pricing options

You have to add money into your account through the app itself before you can use it to pay the online psychics you are interested in getting a session from. The order has to be authorized as well. Once that step is complete, you can get a psychic reading online via video straight from your phone irrespective of your location. Whether you are on break at your workplace or just placed the children to bed and are free, you can have a relaxing session free of all distractions with an online psychic.

Wide variety of psychics

The app is as functional as a complete website and is completely mobile. So you can contact a large number of psychics no matter your location. Just make sure that you can connect to the internet before getting online psychic readings Evaluate these seers and check their profiles for the types of sessions they are experts in. Many of the online psychic have clear headshots on their profiles so you can get an impression at a glance before a psychic reading online.

Besides this, you can also see reviews that customers have left for each professional. You can find both positive and negative ones on the portal for online psychic readings so you can make a decision that will not waste your money. There are bound to be some seers on the site who are not what they say they are. If you think one of them duped you, make a complaint and get your money back.

Screened Psychics

All of the online psychic who apply to the portal have to clear an application process and test before they are allowed to take on clients. If they fail, they cannot create an account. It’s as simple as that. In fact, if a screened psychic does not have a great and positive track record on the site for online psychic readings, they can also be kicked out from it. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your issues will be taken seriously and you will get accurate sessions.

Money Back Guarantee

The portal offers all of its members a complete refund policy if they have a bad experience with any online psychic. Just make sure that you email the customer reps within 3 days of the issue or it will not be considered. You need to provide all of the information about the psychic complaint include the time, date and nature of the issue so that the team can review it without bias.

At this point it is important to mention that you may not get all of your money back after a bad psychic reading online. Only some or half of it. You can get it in the form of credit or in the form of cash depending on the nature of the issue. The people behind the site can take a few days to reply as well so be patient.

You can reduce your chances of getting a bad session by getting only 20 minute long ones. Longer than that and you risk a bad reading. Each of the seers have their own charges but the average psychic reading online is about $2.99 per minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure I get a good reading?

A. You can only do that if you do your due diligence and research the seers you are interested in before you pay for their psychic reading online. The profiles have their expertise and tools listed along with customer reviews that are quite detailed.

What should I expect from my first session?

Relax. That is the ideal thing you can do before your psychic reading. Unlike the past, you don’t have to go all the way to a seer to get a fortune. You can get one from your home via your phone or laptop. Just wait for the professional to start. They will guide you and ask you questions. You don’t have to do much at all before a psychic reading.


A session from a psychic reader or mystical advisor can make you more confident in yourself. Choose any of the four portals we reviewed and make an account to get started with psychics.


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