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Brilliant supplements will change the way you approach health

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Posted at 8:26 AM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 10:26:31-04

Founded in American Fork by Dr. Dan Gubler and Tony Pearce (original founder of Purple) in American Fork, UT, Brilliant gets back to basics with clinically proven, natural supplements. But Brilliant isn’t your run-of-the-mill vitamin or supplement: everything that comes out of the lab is new health technology that’s patented and proven by pharmaceutical-grade clinical studies.

Proactive Solutions to Avoid Hard-on-your-body Reactive Fixes

Why wait to feel bad to feel great? Dr. Dan and his team of Brilliant Scientists (pun intended) spend every day formulating innovative dietary supplements that help you take control of your health so you don’t need to resort to harsh pharmaceuticals that can take their toll on your body. So, what can you expect when you take Brilliant supplements?

Brilliant Connect™: Brain Power in a Bottle

What if you could have all the energy and focus you’re supposed to have — without any stimulants? Your body processes millions of signals between cells every second. Think of it like a giant, intricate domino cascade. Due to a myriad of lifestyle factors, such as stress, diet, exercise, pollution, and soil depletion, those dominoes break or slide out of place, disrupting the entire chain — in other words, your body isn’t functioning at full capacity. Brilliant Connect™ uses a patented formula that repairs and slides those dominoes back into place.

The results? Better focus, increased energy (without the spikes and crashes caffeine makes), better overall health, and more. And bonus! Many women have reported that PMS and cramps are greatly diminished when they take Brilliant Connect™.

Brilliant Defend™: The Ultimate Immunity Defender

They say the best defense is a good offense, and with Brilliant Defend™ you can apply that to your immune health. Most immune supplements are meant as reactionary fixes once you’re already feeling under the weather, but Brilliant Defend™ works smarter, not harder. Your body is filled with bacteria — both good and bad.


Think of your body like a city, and the bacteria its citizens. Sure, there might be a few bad eggs, but ultimately the city is great community. However, when those baddies start communicating, recruiting, and ganging up, you’ve a big problem. Brilliant Defend™ uses a patented formula that isolates the bad bacteria, cutting off its communication, causing it to die off.

The results? When you take Brilliant Defend™ as a daily proactive immune boost, you feel 72° and sunny all the time instead of waiting to fall under the weather.

Brilliant Enhance™: The Essential Nutrition Amplifier

Would it surprise you to know that all the healthy food you eat and your carefully crafted vitamin and supplement regimen are largely going to waste? Your cells are built with a series of pumps that regulate what your body absorbs and what it expels. Because of the previously mentioned lifestyle factors (stress, diet, pollution, exercise, soil depletion, etc.), those pumps are on the fritz and they’re pumping out the good stuff before your body has a chance to use it.

Brilliant Enhance™ is like the worlds tiniest plumber — it fixes those pumps so your body retains the nutrients you work so hard to put in, while still pumping out the bad stuff.

The result? You actually get and feel the benefits of eating healthy!

What Makes Brilliant Different from Any Other Supplement?

A lot of things, but really it can be boiled down to one word: science. Brilliant doesn’t release a product unless it’s proven by clinical studies and different from anything else. Most supplement companies go to a manufacturer and pull something off the shelf, tweak it to make it “their own” and slap a label on it. The scientists at Brilliant travel the world to discover new compounds from plants, bring it back to the lab, and formulate it into a supplement that actually works. And they have fun while they do it.

Take control of your health, so it doesn’t control you. Feel Brilliant.