30 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active) in 2022

12:13 PM, Nov 17, 2021
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Instagram has gained the momentum of being a pioneer in video and picture sharing platforms. It has become an intricate network to connect with the audience and has caught the eye of every brand, business both small or big to create brand awareness and a loyal customer base. This free tool equips the upcoming or age-old brands with the best in class analytics, insights, and campaigns. One of the most important factors that exponentially bust the sales chart is the mere number under the follower's tab. Time is precious in this race to become the next viral trend, to get a jump on the competition you can buy real Instagram followers for the page. When you buy Instagram followers that are legit and active, you gain impeccable momentum to kickstart your journey of creating brand awareness and turning those leads into a large customer base.

Below is an exquisite and perfectly tailored list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. The sites mentioned have been dug deep from the archives of exquisite content on the internet so you don’t have to waste time or money hunting. The list takes into consideration all 360 degrees of the purchase, starting from quality, consistency, legitimacy, risk, pocket-friendliness, and customer support.

At the end of this piece is a table that you can go through at a glance and know right away which site suits you the best and invest in your success with confidence. So, let’s dive into the inventory straight away:

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers


A well-known name in the industry of social media management and is a site that is legitimate to buy real Instagram followers from. Versatile in nature, providing in-house assistance to the customers and users alike. This platform provides multiple support systems with offers on boosting engagement in Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, sound cloud Spotify, and TikTok.

The secure site makes sure the payment options are clear and secure too. The prices for the sites start from $2.89 for 100 followers up to $94.99 for 10,000 followers. The site claims to provide unmatched high-quality engagement solutions for social media.

The transactions can be tracked which adds an extra feature to the customer's reliability and overall credibility. The 24x7 customer support and refund policy makes the site robust and tailored according to the needs of consumers and brands.


SocialPros is the most reliable place to buy real Instagram Followers. It provides its users with excellent Customer Service to Help them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also you can directly get in touch with them through their chat box which is visible on their website or by filling the contact me form available on their site. You can also contact them through their email, which is also mentioned on their website.

Other than just helping you with your Instagram followers, they will help you grow your account holistically as they can assist you with Instagram likes and Instagram views as well. Moreover, they are pretty affordable as their packages start from 2.50 U.S dollar for 100 Instagram followers, which is quite a deal! They can also help you with your all-other social media platforms as well such as Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, Twitch and Ticktock.

The process to buy Instagram followers is also very simple, all you need to do is select the package as per your requirements and securely checkout. All they ask you is your basic information, such as username, channel, song, URL or other info depending on the service that you are purchasing. Also, they accept many modes of payment. And when you have completed your payment, you will also be given a tracking number which is used to track your order’s progress. And it is done! You can now relax and they will provide you with your desired followers within 8 hours of your purchase.

The only drawback of this site is that they only do refunds if you inform them within 72 hours of your purchase. But otherwise, this is one of the most reliable and the best site to buy followers on Instagram.


Getviral is another big talk site that offers reliability, relevancy, and customer support. They offer real followers and real likes to meaningfully engage with your content and brand. The Instagram algorithm supports and promotes organic growth and engagement.

It all started several years back and are experienced leaders in the social media management industry. They offer multiple platforms support from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, sound cloud, Spotify, and also the latest twitch which is used for streaming purposes.

Comparatively, the getviral platform is expensive as the prices start from $3.99 for a mere 250 followers and go up to $107.99 for 10,000 followers with their promise of high-quality delivery and quick support. You can always check their reliability with the free trial that they offer.


Viewsexpert is the cheapest possible starting price that we bring to the table today of the best places to buy Instagram followers from. It comes with the total package of reliability and credibility. Their vast expanse of the network in the industry provides them with the extra edge in the competitive sector.

The platform again offers multi-platform support and offers to start from Instagram, youtube, Facebook, Twitter, including also the latest additions of Spotify and TikTok, Pinterest, twitch, sound cloud, TikTok, and LinkedIn. With years of experience and expertise, the site brings in quality together with quantity and affordability.

The wide range of offers on the pricing plans suits even the beginners, microbloggers to mainstream brands and businesses. With the prices starting from $2.00 for 100 followers to rising into just $99.50 for 10,000 followers.


FollowerPackages, as the name suggests, is a complete guide and package deal for getting a follower boost on any page that needs it’s follower count to go up. The packages are exclusive and exquisitely tailored keeping in mind the needs, objectives, and requirements of the clients and brands.

They specialize in providing services to just three social media platforms which are Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. FollowersPackages have a 24/7 active support team, you can contact them through various ways including the chat box, email and the built-in form, which are all available on their website. They provide you with completely secure payment methods including SafeCharge & Paypal.

FollowerPackages guarantees that you will receive a full refund in case of any disruption. They promise instant delivery and say that they even provide delivery in under 5 minutes. They provide you with organic growth. FollowerPackages do not send bots or fake users to your followers or likes. They use completely real and active users in all their services. If you want to buy real Instagram followers, this is the right choice.

They offer you a gradual delivery with no passwords required and a premium quality of followers. FollowerPackages have pretty reasonable packages starting from $15 for 500 followers. They even come with drop protection. What more can you ask for? Being one of the most reliable sites, this is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.


Social packages and as the name suggests social packages are complete packages for social media with multi-platform support including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, and sound cloud.

These services include buying Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and engagement. They claim to be one of the best in providing these services with robust customer support and secure payment options.

As the site promises premium quality it also makes sure that the promise is delivered right on time within hours usually. The prices available are also basic, starting from $2.50 for 100 followers to as high as $105.00 for 10,000 followers with the stipulated time guarantee of 1-2 days delivery.


Fastlikes has been in social media management since the start of Instagram itself. This platform is known for its credibility, expertise, and reliability. Fastlikes offers a wide range of pricing plans and a selection of services required as per the needs and wants of the consumer. Fastlikes is for everyone from beginners, artists, to everyday and huge brands to cater to their needs and objectives.

The pricing of the platform starts from $3.99 for 250 followers which rises to $170.99 for 10,000 followers. The platform also offers Instagram likes, views, and comments along with similar support for other platforms such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, and sound cloud.


Famoid offers a wide range of services over multiple platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook so you are covered from all the platforms where your consumers are present. With delivery on time and reliable source for the real Instagram followers, there is no doubt it tops our chart of best sites to buy real Instagram followers from. Famoid has garnered over 1331 reviews which makes its rating 4.8/5. This directly correlates to the strong customer support provided 24x7 and reliable followers that are not just bots or inactive users that do not meaningfully engage with your content.

These features of the Famoid make it the 9th top site in the marketing sites list. This social media platform has been in the industry for more than 5 years which gives it a competitive edge over the sites in the industry.

With purchase options being PayPal and SafeCharge, the site ensures the topmost security and privacy of the users. It provides packages to buy Instagram likes, Instagram followers, and views. The packages start from $5.95 for 250 followers and the prices go up gradually together with the follower count.


It is another well-established business in the social media management industry. Famups also offers a wide range of multi-platform support from Instagram, Facebook, youtube, including Spotify support for the views on the platform.

The site claims to provide 24x7 support to the customer with reliable checkout procedures and they accept various cards too like a visa. This option enables ease of use to the customers by offering a wide range of offers.

The site also offers a wide selection in terms of prices and plans. Their prices start from as low as $7.00 for 500 Instagram followers to as high as $430 for 50,000 followers. The deliveries will be made in between 1 day to 3 days which do not require any passwords of your account. The live chat support of the site also makes it exceptional.


Stormlikes, as the name suggests, is known for its rapid speed delivery time for the purchased service. One of the features that stands out from the rest is that the platform offers the option of custom-made plans that are tailored according to the needs and objectives of a customer.

Together with these, a customer can also request gender and location-based likes which stand as a testimonial of their reliability and credibility. Choosing the right and customized plans for your growth on the social media platforms ensures that customer satisfaction is always in check always.

The pricing starts from $1.50 for 50 likes going up to $4.55 for 250 likes. And the platform supports only Instagram, covering the aspect of the likes of it.


Engagement on social media like commenting, liking, sharing, etc is a vital part of being in the business. Therefore, likes can handle that aspect of Instagram which will help boost your brand and page.

The algorithm that is followed by the likes of the platform is as unobtrusive as possible keeping in check with the forever-changing Instagram algorithm and rules. As sweet and simple as it is, it targets the right point of the brand awareness aspect and helps you gain that momentum.

The pricing for the platform starts from a mere $3.49 for 50 likes and goes up to $124.99 for 10,000 likes. The wide range of available options to choose from makes the site credible and popular.


Krootez, as the name is new and unique, so are the services that are offered by the platform. The long-player in the game of social media ensures that they are experts in the field and testifies their credibility. Another important and most unique feature offered by the platform is the money-back guarantee so that you do not have to break your head over some refund policy that simply does not make sense.

The platform offers a wide selection of pricing plans to choose from $3.99 for 20 followers to up to $12.99 for 500 followers. But the platform offers only Instagram support and has not been expanded into other platforms.

Friendly likes

It is a simple, efficient, and go-to site for a quick fix in your sales chart as the site offers safe and credible service. The platform offers real followers for Instagram which will also interact with your content and increase engagement ratio by liking, commenting, and sharing.

The service offered is only compatible with the Instagram platform and does not support free trials, live chats, or automation options. The pricing plan starts from $3.90 for 50 followers to $115.90 for 10,000 followers. The options offered are quick and easy on the go for a little push to your quality content and makes the eyes etched onto your page.


A trendy and developing service provider with the latest technology and options available that are exclusively tailored according to the needs of the clients. The service provider has garnered great and positive reviews from many so it is tried and tested, ensuring its quality. The company offers robust customer support and 24x7 access to customer care over mail or phone. The company offers other services like buying likes, views too for an overall engagement boost.

The pricing plans start from $5.50 for 100 followers to $890.50 for 50,000 followers so, the range that it offers is huge and for everyone. The site offers secure payment options and also accepts cards for more functionality.


If you are spending money on buying Instagram followers, it is natural and completely justifiable to expect the best quality. GoRead's followers are all premium and legitimate. They do not fill the number with bots or temporary accounts. Instead, their orders are made up of real people who follow you on their own.

GoRead also provides protection against drops for the followers you receive from them. When these paid promotions begin to disappear, it is said to be dropped. GoRead reinforces their paid followers against various factors that can lead to that so that your followers count does not drop. If their deliveries take too long to arrive, you can directly contact the customer support department. It can be easily done from the website at any time of the day. GoRead gets a lot of praise in this area because of the activity and responsiveness.

You can buy a huge amount of followers from here at one go with some of the best prices around. The plans start from just 50 followers but the endgame plan is of 400k followers which is incredible. The price range of these plans is $0.51- $740.99 which makes a lot of sense.


As the name suggests and it becomes pretty clear the media mister service provider is an overall services provider with huge and multiple platforms support. Being one of the oldest companies, growing with the advent of Instagram, the service provider sure knows the nooks and corners of the platforms that they provide.

One of the most interesting things offered by the company is that it accepts payments through PayPal and Bitcoin alike which is not very common and very progressive. The robust customer support with 24x7 availability together with the money-back guarantee makes it a match made in heaven for your social media boosts. The pricing starts from $20 for 1000 followers to $389 for 25,000 followers.

Followers Promotion

Providing legitimate followers is pretty much a necessity for every website for it to be considered among the best. The presence of Followers Promotion on this list is due to them being exclusive to only the most real followers. They are well more worth even than the money you spend on them.

At Followers Promotion, you get the fastest delivery on probable the entire virtual market. The orders only take as much as an hour to get delivered. If delivery takes more than 24 hours, they offer a complete refund on that order. To do so, you will have to let their customer support know of it. The quality of the customer care you are provided here is top-notch as well. A lot of services use bots to provide automated responses to the questions of clients instead of actually helping them. Here you get a fully authentic and helpful customer support staff instead.

You get to choose from a good range of Instagram followers here. The minimum order you can place here is of 100 followers and you can go as high as 100K followers. The price of these plans is placed in a range of $2.39 to $659.


The company is known for its impeccable reputation and credibility as it has been trusted by more than 7500+ brands and influencers with their social media management strategies and growth.

The holistic approach towards social media management makes the sites one of the top legitimate sites to buy real Instagram followers from. The company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee that makes the site credible and reliable. The site helps the clients reach and connect with organic followers and help achieve the objectives. The pricing plans are divided into only two options which are $49 and $99 both billed monthly.


BlastUp figuratively blasts up your followers' count through their legal and ethical means. With their social networks, they are able to provide you with the best quality of Instagram followers at great prices. Being legitimate, these followers don't put your account at the risk of violating Instagram's policies regarding unfair means. Not only your account stays safe but also becomes more engaging. Paid followers normally face the problem of disappearing after some time. If that happens here, BlastUp replaces all followers lost in the first 30 days with new ones.

As an added bonus, BlastUp provides free Instagram likes as a sort of a free trial. This will help you judge their services better for yourself. BlastUp also has customer support that can be contacted by everyone 24/7. If your

deliveries take too long or the orders aren't as per your specifications, you can pass it by their staff. Expect them to help you with whatever problems you are facing.

Only a small range of Instagram followers is available at BlastUp but that's not a negative as one can buy multiple packages. The plans here start from 100 followers and cost $2.99. The biggest plan available is of 1K followers with a price tag of $9.99.


GetRealBoost is a name that is steadily rising the ranks of social media marketing. This company has kept Instagram as its sole focus. They don't provide services for other platforms which helps them give their best with Instagram.

GetRealBoost team uses their marketing knowledge to effectively boost your profile's visibility and presence on the platform. The paid followers you get, act as an engagement magnet. Your reach increases due to which more and more people begin to discover what you have to offer.

GetRealBoost won't disappoint you in the quantity and the prices of the followers they offer. Their plans begin with 100 followers which you can buy for only $2.89. The biggest available plan for purchase is 25K followers. It comes with a reasonable price tag of $279.99.


The company has many credible and popular clients under its wing starting from Forbes Inc, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, and many more. By a comprehensive approach to social media, the sites take the benefits to a whole new level. They try to create authentic and organic engagement on the page by targeting a relevant audience, using powerful hashtags and keywords. Other unique features include monetizing the account, breaking the organic follower count, reaching potential followers.

With exceptional customer support and feedback system together with a 14-day money-back guarantee, it becomes an ideal one-stop destination for beginners, amateurs as well as professionals.


The followers you get here score full marks in the terms of authenticity and legitimacy. Every single follower you receive is an existing account that belongs to a real person. They don't sell bots which are extremely lacking in terms of quality and longevity. These are basically a waste of money. None of that is present here at InstaFollowers.

Their followers also last long. If they do not, the company replaces them with new ones within the 6 months of the delivery. They make sure you don't lose even a single penny of your investment. InstaFollowers also helps you with attentive and responsive customer care. They don't use chatbots to act as a formality but real representatives are active all the day to help everyone out.

InstaFollowers provides great options for you to get the most legitimate followers at. The quantity is taken care of with a range of 100 to 100K followers available. You can buy them in a price range of $0.59 to $891.

Social viral

In this era of virals and social media ruling, it is vital to stay on top of the game therefore social viral can come in for the rescue. Social viral is a platform for all the amazing budding influencers and brands that could thrive with just the right amount of exposure and follower count.

Social viral provide services on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and TikTok. With exclusive customer care and a 24x7 support system, one can never go wrong with it. The pricing is moderate and starts at $1.49 for 50 followers which go up to $39.99 for 5000 followers. So, the social viral checks the pocket-friendly box.

SocLikes Company

The very first thing worth the mention here is the premium quality of followers they deliver. They don't just feel and look real but they indeed are real. Every new follower you get from them is a real person that follows you willingly. All accounts have their own history with posts and all details. SocLikes provides maybe the biggest range of options to target followers. You can opt to get followers from specific regions like the USA, Russia, Middle East, Japan, etc., or as a mix of all. Hence, it's up to you to decide which country you want to improve your presence in.

The company aims to help their clients even after the orders are finished. Active customer support is available here for all of their clients. You can find solutions to all your problems here 24/7.

SocLikes has put efforts into curating their plans and the results are amazing. They have got some of the largest plans at the cheapest prices that takes care of both quantity and quality. The plans begin with a handful of 50 followers and go up to 50k followers per plan. The smallest plan will get to you in just $0.99 and you can get 50K followers for just $401.99.

Social empire

Creating brand awareness and a customer base that is loyal and dynamic is a long process. It takes time, patience, and exclusive tools of social empire to give the right start to anything.

The site offers various techniques which could be included in your social media management strategy for gaining organic followers and engagement. The pricing starts at $8.49 for 500 followers to up to $84.49 for 10,000 followers. They provide high-quality service followers for meaningful engagement with a great retention policy in place.


Mr.insta is one of the most credible and reliable sources to buy Instagram followers from. They are dedicated to your success with expertise and experience in the business over 8 years. They offer a wide range of services over multiple platforms such as youtube, twitch, Spotify, Twitter, Pinterest, and sound cloud. The services include buying followers, likes, views, and plays. shares etc for an affordable rate.

The pricing starts from $10 for 250 followers to $190 for 10,000 followers with the delivery time promise of 1 to 3 days which is quite long. Another unique feature is the refill guarantee which refills the same purchase for free if the price drops below the price at the time of purchase. This adds huge credibility to the site and ensures quality.


Simplicity in the approach and credibility in sourcing upleap seems to get the basics right. With tailored experience for the customers, they assign a real person and real-time account manager who takes care of your objectives and goals. This approach helps in getting the communication right.

The account manager is a crucial element of upleap as it is they who suggest the packages and responsible for your overall experience with upleap. The site also encourages organic growth and provides powerful tools for hashtags targeting for finding a real and relevant audience. The pricing plan starts at $9 for 100 followers and goes up to $39 for 1000 followers. The site only offers 3 packages for purchase.


  • Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

With a credible and reliable source of followers, yes it is safe to buy Instagram followers but as always this could just be a short-term boost and not a long-term solution.

  • Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

Yes, it is legal to buy or boost your Instagram followers and engagement to give you that kickstart and put you in a sweet spot in the Instagram algorithms. If it was not legal then companies would not have competed for such a thing.

  • How can you know if someone bought their Instagram following?

If you follow the page and one fine day all the followers are suddenly boosted and engagement sky-rockets then, most probably they have bought the followers and engagement.

  • How to buy active Instagram followers?

When you are looking to buy followers then, look for targeted followers, do not fall for cheap followers as they are mostly inactive or bots in play, work or deal with sellers that are transparent in their dealings, and customer support.

  • Will I get banned or suspended if I use the service?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because a sudden surge in the followers and engagement of the page can be tagged as suspicious by the Instagram algorithms as it appears to be fake. No, because when you use the service smartly and avoid bulk and chunk of followers or engagement purchases and keep the growth steady and gradual then the algorithm won’t be a problem.


Buying Instagram followers, likes, comments or any other such services should always be from a credible and reliable source. The service provider should have strong customer support and client-friendly policies. These services have been in the market since forever and are not unethical or illegal. They are just like paid promotions.

These services are also very short-term solutions for a long-term endeavor. Flourishing on the platform of Instagram requires consistency, relevant and reliable content creation, and adding value to others.

Always be particular about the target audience and use the features offered by Instagram wisely. Keep up with the trends and be passionate about what you deliver and post. Be inclusive in language and overall brand approach. Most importantly, believe in yourself as this is a long-time endeavor that requires patience and consistency!


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