31 Best Sites to Buy Youtube Views (Real & Non-Drop) in 2022

12:48 PM, Nov 23, 2021
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With more than 2 billion active users, YouTube has gradually gained a reputation for being a competitive ground. As per stats, 300 hours of videos are uploaded per minute on YouTube. Moreover, the audience watches approximately 5 billion videos. This gives a fair idea about how difficult it can be to get YouTube views. So if you want to stand out and kick start your journey, it's time you look into options to buy YouTube views. Whether you want to buy cheap YouTube views or you value quality, we have all options for you.

Given below is a list of the best sites to buy YouTube views and more. Look into these best places to buy YouTube views and find the right fit for your objectives!

Buy Youtube Views (Non-Drop & Instant)


Social Rush is yet another top and trending social media growth service provider. With the start of the Social Rush tool, getting trending on YouTube is no longer a challenge for their clients. The too offers the best blend of quality services and affordable plans. One of the best features of Social Rush is its instant delivery. Users don’t even have to wait for hours, let alone days.

And all their instant delivery results consist of real and premium Google accounts. Their platform is easy to use, and they have a variety of plans for everyone. But in case of any usability issue, their customer care team is available 24/7 to assist. To get started with 1500 views, users can buy cheap YouTube views for $9.99.


Get Viral is known to help users get YouTube views in the most bona fide manner. Their team of experts has more than 7 years of experience, knowing what’s best and what isn’t. They have completed more than 150k orders with an 85% of client return rate. Having worked with several musicians, brands, and more; they know exactly what channels need.

One of the reasons behind Get Viral being the best site to buy YouTube views is its user-friendly interface. You need not be tech-savvy to easily operate Get Viral. Simply choose the pan, insert the URL, make payment, and get going. Besides the benefits of wide exposure and audience, their results are swift. Users can expect results only within 0-8 hours. And all these features, starting at only $9.99.


Viralyft is one of the most popular and ideal tools to buy YouTube views. The too is best known for its high degree of reliability and efficiency. The promotional methods employed by Viralyft are completely secure and safe. Their team has been working in this industry since the beginning of social media. Their results are rock-solid and there’s no risk of rapid drop-offs. Since they use advertising methods instead of cheap bots, they have high retention. Their organic methods involve advanced targeting for higher engagement. Besides high retention, their delivery time is also swift. Users can expect to get real and global views within 24 hours itself. Viralyft payments are SSL encrypted, promising complete privacy, Users can get started from prices as affordable as $6.99 for 1000 views.


Social Pros is readily available to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a YouTube. This tool has worked with countless influencers, musicians, blogs, and brands across the globe. Their services are here to help your channel gain the exposure that it deserves. Once you get their plans rolling your YouTube channel growth will be unstoppable.

They have a variety of packages tailored to meet individual needs. For those who need a kick start with 100k views or people who need to meet the gap will merely be 500 views, something for everyone. Their delivery is fast and consists of premium quality results. This is also one of the best sites to buy cheap YouTube views. Users can get started for only $3.50.


Follower Packages has been the second home for several YouTube channels. Their exemplary services remain unrivaled to date. Whether you are a musician, brand, or vlogger, Follower Packages has worked with a vast variety of clients. The tool has successfully delivered more than 1,973,361 YouTube views. The tool doesn’t compromise the integrity of any channel and delivers only high-quality views.

None of their results have dropped or reduced over time. Because of their premium quality results, their delivery may take 2-3 days. They are quite transparent about their techniques of using start Ad placements to gain YouTube views. Interested users may get started at $19 or 2500 YouTube views.


Follower Packages has been the second home for several YouTube channels. Their exemplary services remain unrivaled to date. Whether you are a musician, brand, or vlogger, Follower Packages has worked with a vast variety of clients. The tool has successfully delivered more than 1,973,361 YouTube views. The tool doesn’t compromise the integrity of any channel and delivers only high-quality views.

None of their results have dropped or reduced over time. Because of their premium quality results, their delivery may take 2-3 days. They are quite transparent about their techniques of using start Ad placements to gain YouTube views. Interested users may get started at $19 or 2500 YouTube views.


Social Packages is a one-stop-shop for all social media growth services. Amongst various other platforms, YouTube is one of its fortes. If you want to gain global exposure and get trending, Social Packages are the answer. Their packages are very versatile and affordable. With several plans for YouTube views, they have something for everyone. Whether users want to get started with 500 views or 100k views in go, they have it all. Although their results are high-quality already, they have a refill guarantee in case of drops. To get started, all one needs is an initial investment of $3.50.


Be it top-quality YouTube view, likes of subscribers- Fast Likes has the whole package. It is one of the best real growth services for platforms like YouTube and Instagram. The tool takes pride in its organic methods. It assures its clients that there’s no risk of getting fake views or bot users. All their views are from worldwide users, helping in global exposure.

One of the most exceptional features of Fats Likes is its lightning-fast results. Although its views are real, users can see results within a few minutes only. It takes typically 10 minutes to one hour to complete the order. The tool also promises a refill guarantee against unexpected drops. Having quite a competitive pricing, their plans start from $9.99 for 1500 views.


With several client testimonials, Famoid is undoubtedly the best site to buy YouTube views. The tool has successfully revolved more than 652k queries from 261k happy customers. They have worked with several clients, and are always updated with new trends. With more than 5 years of experience, they know the exact dose for YouTube promotions.

The tool constantly upgrades its services as per trends and revised policies. They deliver 100% real results using organic promotional methods only. So if you are worried about getting cheap and fake views, Famoid’s services can be counted upon. They also have an automatic compensation system to refill any drops. To maintain the credibility of your YouTube channel, the tool uses drip-feed results taking 1-5 days. Users can start buying safe and monetizable views for $12.95.


Storm Views is one of the top sites to buy cheap YouTube views. The tool has a variety of features that users can utilize. Their expert tea is dedicating to help aspiring YouTube become viral on YouTube. If you want to gain real engagement, this tool is a must try. All of their results consist of active accounts of real people.

Their methods or promotion are 100% legitimate, assuring your security and privacy. Moreover, their payments are also SSL encrypted. Even after quality results, they don’t make their users wait. One can start seeing noticeable results within minutes. Their retention time ranges from 45 seconds to 5 seconds. Interested users may get started from as little as $3.99.


Get Real Boost is one of the best sites to accelerate the growth of your YouTube channel. Their promotional services can make users become trending on YouTube. The tool has years of experience in delivering value and high-quality results. All their method used are organic and can help effectively help with YouTube engagements.

Because of its high retention, users can increase their credibility using its services. Their lifetime guarantee further facilitates long-term growth as well. The tool offers 100% assurance on no drop-offs. Whether one wants 1-00 views of 100k views in one go, Get Real Boost has something for everyone. For those of you looking to buy cheap YouTube views, their plans start from $6.


Famups is a reputed social media service provider, with a knack for YouTube marketing. Their company has managed several social media accounts around the globe. The tool is best known for its advanced methodologies and digital marketing solutions. They have a history of converting several leads and audiences to long-term views.

All their methods are organic, helping users gain engagements in the long haul. There is also no need to follow or view anyone else’s content. Because of their high-quality results, their result time varies between 1 to 3 days. But once users get YouTube views, there is no fear of drops or getting cheap views. They have multiple plans and ongoing offers, from 3k views to 200k views. Users can get jumpstart their new release at $19 for 3k YouTube views.


Social Fan Geeks is one of the lesser-known but highly efficient platforms for YouTube marketing. This tool is highly used by digital marketers, musicians, and brands to grow and prosper. The tool makes sure to stay updated with the YouTube algorithm and guidelines to deliver clients best results. All their strategies are data-driven, promising concrete and long-lasting results.

They have several types of plans for users willing to buy Non-drop YouTube views. Users can choose from YouTube ad views, YouTube high retention views, USA views, country targeted views, and general views. This helps in delivering personalized results for individual client satisfaction. All its results guarantee instant results. You can get started and buy cheap YouTube views starting from ply $120.


Sides Media is one of those sites that specialize in YouTube marketing. If you are looking to gain global exposure for your channel, this tool can get you trending. The tool promises to deliver high-quality engagements within 72 hours generally. Their proprietary growth engine helps in optimal views.

Besides this, their retention rate is quite high. All of their YouTube views consist of real profiles who actively use YouTube. The tool has its plans starting from $17 for 2000 views. All their results have a lifetime guarantee. Besides this, the tool also offers a refund policy in case it’s unable to meet your demands.


YT Pals is one of those unique YouTube growth tools that offer free services. They have a very high rating of 4.7/5 in Trust Pilot. Because of its commendable services, it is one of the most trusted tools globally by 500k+ clients. Their website also has a comprehensive blog that assists aspiring YouTubers to grow organically.

Their website has both free and paid plans for everyone. For those who want to buy cheap YouTube views, their free plan is undoubtedly one of the best in the market. Their premium plans for YouTube views start from $20 for 1k views. Their premium plans come with several benefits like a refill policy and continued delivery for days.


This one-stop shop has services for almost all social media platforms, including YouTube. The tool has built itself an upstanding reputation. Use Viral sells only high-quality YouTube views to its clients. They know the risks that come with drops, hence they offer a very high retention rate. All their YouTube views consist of real and engaging profiles. Their platform is completely safe to use and their results come with no YouTube channel risk. Their delivery is prompt as they start processing orders immediately. Interested users may get started at $17 for 2000 YouTube views. The tool also offers a refill policy, although drops are a rare occurrence for them.


This is another one of the top picks for YouTubers looking to buy cheap YouTube views or free views. After users have signed up with their tool, their tutorials will guide the rest of the process. With more than 8 years of experience, YT Minster has gained more than 2.2 million clients today.

The tool has also successfully executed 10.4 million marketing campaigns and facilitated 6 billion exchanges. Although the tool delivers free YouTube subscribers they have paid plans for YouTube views. Users can make an account and get detailed pricing. Besides this, their user friendly interface makes the process convenient. In case of any queries, their robust customer care is readily available.

Audience Gain

If you want to monetize your YouTube channel faster, Audience Gain is your pal! Exactly as its name suggests, this tool can help you expand your audience base globally. The core focus of Audience Gain revolves around professionalism, real value, and quality. They believe in the following methods for natural growth for long-term benefits.

This not only ensures higher engagements, but also security and high credibility. They have several plans for YouTube growth, including YouTube partner monetization plans and YouTube views. Users can also choose between gaining views for videos or live streams. This makes it suitable for online live gigs or gaming streams. AL their views come with a lifetime guarantee. To get started, users need an initial investment of $39.


Take over the world of YouTube by storm using this commendable social media growth website. The tool offers unique marketing strategies for different platforms, including YouTube. Boost Storm has a forte for YouTube marketing and boosting popularity. If there’s one thing you can be assured of; it's high-quality results.

The tool uses one of the most unique methods to help gain YouTube views. All their results consist of desktop views only that can also help in monetization. They also assure 100% human watch time for further engagement. Users can also choose between YouTube view, YouTube unique view, and YouTube views and likes combo pack. Their pricing is quite affordable and competitive, starting from $8 only.


For all those requiring individual and dedicated attention for YouTube growth, Subpals is your answer. It is a free YouTube marketing platform designed to skyrocket the growth and engagements of YouTube channels. With a Trust Pilot rating of 4.7/5, this is one of the most trusted sites out there. It has an innovative network that helps users get 10 free and new YouTube subscribers every 12 hours.

All its subscribers are active and real, helping users gain YouTube views organically. They also have exchange programs amongst different YouTube clients for subscribers and engagements. Besides this, the tool also offers affordable premium services for YouTube growth. These include YouTube channel evaluation, graphic design, YouTube SEO, and YouTube optimization. To get a personalized 5-step action plan, their delivery takes 5-7 days.


Another one-stop-shop for all social media services, It is one of the best places to buy real YouTube views. This is one of the unique tools that constantly updates its services as per the latest practices. The tool is very secure and users can expect their channel growth without any risk. Through the use of Smart Delivery Technologies, all possible risks and threats are eliminated.

Their team of experts constantly oversees and monitors client results individually. All their views are real and can effectively help in enhancing your channel visibility. As soon as you post a video, the tool takes care of generating results organically. Users can expect delivery within 1-2 days. SocialBoss is the best site to buy cheap YouTube views, with its plans starting from only $4.49.


As implied by its name, YT Views is an unrivaled platform to get YouTube views. The tool uses the most bona fide methods to help users gain popularity and credibility in no time. Their views are one of the most high-retention results in the industry. This is because of their smart and organic tactics to clients gain exposure. All their YouTube views are delivered using social media campaigns. Other than this, they use online promotions and affiliate networks.

Since they use organic methods, you can expect 100% safety and privacy. Users can also choose whether to receive views on videos or live streams. The tool also doesn’t have any rigid cap limit for orders. They also have different packages for fats viewership, RAV viewership, Google Ad views, and more. Whether you want 1k views or 300k views in one shot, YT Views takes care of it all. Their services are quite affordable, starting at only $1.99


Commence your YouTube journey with a bag, with the help of Instant Famous. The tool offers splendid services that can help users become trending on YouTube. The tool has more than 1500 certified reviews and a rating of 5 stars. Whether you want the biggest audience opportunities or recommendations, Instant Famous is your solution. Hey also have a different package for general YouTube views or organic YouTube views.

This helps in meeting personalized needs and more engagements. The tool believes in long-term engagements over quick results. To ensure high quality and suitable growth, it takes a few days to complete the order. However, the results are worth it all, starting at only $ 8.08.


Slick Socials is a user-friendly platform and one of the topmost providers for SMM services. It has more than 25k clients spread across 178 countries and has completed 50k successful orders. They help in turbocharging your YouTube exposure using the snowball effect. All their strategies are completely organic yet effective.

Their deliveries are instant, so users need not wait for hours to see results. One of its most unique selling points is its extra delivery. Slick Social always over-delivers to make up for any possible drops. Users can also track their delivery. For those looking to buy cheap YouTube views, Slick Social’s unbeatable plans start from only $0.99.


Social King is one of the most reliable sites to invest in, for YouTube views and more. If you are looking for a premium quality YouTube view, you can blindly count on Social King. They ensure to manually check and filter each account for quality check before delivering. Having more than 157k happy customers, the tool has resolved all 157k queries with efficient results.

Having more than 8 years of experience, they have mastered the art of YouTube promotions. Users can choose from normal YouTube views, Google Ad views, Adword views, or country-targeted views. This ensures meeting personalized objectives and targeted engagement. Start investing at only $1.49, and expect results within 24-48 hours.


Manager Gram is yet another tool used by millions to skyrocket their popularity. The tool is used by several influencers and businesses to grow their audience. They use the most efficient and organic measures to help you become trending on YouTube. Some of their methods include social media campaigns along with proprietary network distribution.

To maintain a natural look, the tool takes care of overdelivering by 5-10%. Its delivery starts within hours and its retention last for ages. Users can start availing themselves of their risk-free services for only $10. Its services also come with a money-back guarantee in case of unsatisfactory results.


For quality service at great prices, Social World is one of the best places to buy Legit YouTube views. Amongst the various social media platforms served by Social World, YouTube is a popular demand. This tool is 100% trusted by several users worldwide.

All their results consist of worldwide views, accelerating global exposure. The tool also ensures premium quality YouTube views only. This helps in maintaining retention and preventing drops. The tool also has an amiable customer support team, ready to render services 24/7. Interest users may get started with this tool at $1.8 only.


For exemplary services at unrivaled prices, Buzz Voice is a popular recommendation to get YouTube views. If you want to start a buzz around your YouTube content, this tool lives up to its quirky name. With almost 2k client testimonials, Buzz Voice has earned a rating of 4.9/5. All their marketing techniques are tried, tested, and guaranteed. Their dedicated team is constantly crunching up numbers and analyzing data to deliver premium quality results.

And, Their delivery is super-swift, starting within 12 hours. Their high retention ensures to help users gain a higher ranking on YouTube. Having a multitude of plans, Buzz Voice has personalized plans for every type of customer. Whether you want to start from 1k views or straightaway 500k YouTube views, you can count on Buzz Voice. Despite its commendable services, its plans start only from $8.97.


For a combination of free growth and worthy paid plans, Sonuker is an excellent YouTube service provider. This platform has a community of more than 500k members, and you can be one of their beneficiaries. The too offers a free plan ensuring 10 subscribers and 20 YouTube likes every day. Their services help users gain credibility through organic growth.

Users also get the chance to split YouTube views between multiple videos. For a safety practice, the delivery speed varies between 1k and 5k per day. Users start seeing tremendous growth within 24-72 hours itself. Moreover, the tool also comes with a refill policy. All these features make the initial $20 worth it all.


Giant Likes is one of the best websites that can help users become YouTube famous. This is one of the most experienced websites with more than 15 years of experience. They are an exclusive supplier for YouTube engagement and they surely didn't disappoint! Users need not worry about farm views and bots when using Giant Likes. They employ only organic methods to deliver real engagement from active users.

And their track record and countless client testimonials speak for themselves. The tool proudly boasts of having a 96% retention rate. And in the case of more drops, they also have a money-back guarantee. They have helped several SEO specialists, Twitch streamers, influencers, and vloggers become trending on YouTube. To avail of their top-notch services, users can get YouTube views for only $17.


Another top contender, YouTube Market is an exclusive tool for unlimited YouTube growth. They keep upgrading their solutions to make sure that their users get the best services. Moreover, there is no need to wait for days to see a difference.

They start processing the order immediately and it can be seen the same day itself. The tool offers a retention rate of 45 seconds to 5 minutes. In case of any drops, they also offer a refill guarantee. This is the perfect tool for those willing to only buy cheap YouTube views. Users can get started from as low as $4.99 only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get more YouTube views?

To get more YouTube views, you can put in some organic efforts and leave the rest up to YouTube marketing tools. Firstly, make sure that the thumbnail of the video is appealing and catchy and attracts more viewers. Next up, utilize YouTube SEO in your title and description for more targeted traffic. This way, you’ll attract viewers who are already interested in similar content.

You can also create playlists and engage with your audience. And last but not the least, content is king. So make sure to create interesting, trendy, and relevant content. After you do your part, you can fill the gap in your objectives by buying YouTube views.

Where to buy cheap YouTube views?

There are several websites where you can get YouTube views for cheaper prices. You don’t need to dig deeper in your pockets to gain traction on your channel. However, make sure to not compromise on the quality of the views. Very often, cheap sites deliver cheap results. Hence, it’s crucial to prioritize quality over other criteria.

Some of the best sites to buy YouTube views have quite affordable plans. You can buy cheap YouTube views by opting for smaller plans and gradually climbing your way up. Make sure to check the legitimacy of any site before completing the transaction.

Why should I buy YouTube views?

YouTube has more than a billion active users today, and the number is only bound to rise. Content creation has become a legit source of income for many. There’s immense potential in YouTube creation, used by both brands and bloggers. This only makes it harder to enter, let alone gain popularity. Moreover, YouTube’s criteria for monetization can take ages with organic marketing. This is where the benefits of buying YouTube views come into play. You can fasten the process by buying YouTube views and subscribers. It will further help in gaining popularity and getting global exposure.

How to make money from YouTube?

To become a YouTube partner and make money off the platform, YouTube has certain criteria. Users need to set up an Adsense account and make sure to comply with all YouTube policies. Users also need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers. Your channel must have at least 4000 hours of watch-time on your videos combined in the past 12 months.

It is not always about how much content one can create. But it’s necessary to get exposure to your content to meet the standard YouTube demands. Besides monetary benefits, YouTube partners also get access to the Creator Support Team. You may choose to achieve these standards organically or jumpstart with the best places to buy YouTube views and subscribers.

Is it legal to buy YouTube views?

There is no law that has forbidden the use of buying YouTube views. Or else, several sites and platforms would not have risked being so public about the services that they offer. However, there are some sites that employ harmful means to help you reach targets. Using methods like spamming, bots and stalking may do more harm than good. It may lead to causing suspicion and your channel getting flagged. This leads to a bad reputation and may hurt your credibility.

This makes it of utmost essence to choose reliable sites that employ legal and safe methods. It’s also important to not misuse or overuse such tools. Use them to give your channel a kick start or to meet the gap in your objectives.


As we mentioned above, the competitor and saturation have increased tremendously. But this has also given everyone a platform to grow. However, one first needs their efforts to be noticed and acknowledged.

While this was quite a challenge using organic methods, the scenario has changed drastically today. Using these recommended tools, users can fast-forward their journey and gain results much sooner. So feel free to test these sites, get your content rolling and sit back to see the magic unveil!


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