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3:20 PM, Jun 22, 2022
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Confusions, ambiguities, and risks are a constant part of our lives. It’s completely normal to have questions about the future of your love life, career, academics, spirituality, and relationships. This where the best free psychic reading online can help.

The best online psychics can provide clarity and much-needed guidance to remove as many obstacles from your path as possible, especially when you need it most. Free psychics can offer insights related to your career, love life, academics, spiritual struggles, and even relationship problems that are keeping you up at night. The aim is to make sure you’re equipped with the sufficient knowledge to make the best decisions.

But finding a trustworthy free psychic reading online platform online can be bit of a task in today’s time. Considering with each new dawn, a new contender pops up claiming the moon but not even landing among the stars. That’s why we took it on ourselves to find you the top free psychic readings present on the web.

For this purpose, we closely examined numerous factors including price, discounts, free psychics network, and user reviews. Each one of the free psychics reading sites mentioned in this post have a vast network of live psychics for accurate psychic readings and thousands of testimonials supporting their credibility.

Top 3 Sites for Free Psychic Reading Online

1. Kasamba - Best for Genuine Psychic Reading Services (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off for New Users)

2. Psychic Source - Accurate Fortune Telling for Matters of the Heart (3 Free Trial Minutes + 75% Off for First Time Users)

3. Purple Garden - Best Psychic Medium for People On-The-Go ($10 Worth of Free Credit with Any Purchase)

Whether it is your first time exploring the world of psychic readings or have already tried your luck in this mystical art several times, who does not love a free psychic reading online? Our top 3 nominees for the best free psychic readings online provide accurate and authentic readings on a vast range of topics including: astrology readings, dream analysis, tarot readings, fortune telling, spiritual readings, love readings, career forecasts, past life readings, oracle card readings, and numerology readings.

Each platform offers some discount and even free online psychic readings to users before they’re charged for paid sessions. So, don’t think twice and sign up today to get a free psychic reading online and decide whether you would like to spend more money in it.

Placing the Top 3 Psychic Mediums Under the Lens

These 3 online psychics are some of the best sites for paid and even free psychic readings. Best thing? Each one of them regularly provide great discounts to both old- and first-time users. In fact, as a new sign up, you can receive spiritual readings entirely free of cost to make an informed decision regarding whether a psychic reading online is the thing for you or not. Plus, with free psychic readings, you really have nothing to lose.

Below we’ve discussed what you can expect from these free psychics reading sites and shared how these psychic mediums can help you navigate this journey of life.

Although there are several reputed online psychic reading platforms out there, it is important to understand that personalized attention and custom solutions is what matters most when it comes to life-altering guidance. It is all about personalization and knowing you and your needs vs. just being another addition to a client list; as it usually is the case with numerous free psychic reading sites. It is also about what you should demand, expect and deserve from the best psychics. And we promise you, our top 3 are going to provide you just that.

Let’s see in detail why each of these 3 psychic mediums is part of our top bunch:

1. Kasamba - Best Guidance for Important Life Questions

Founded in 1999, Kasamba is a prominent name in the free psychic reading industry and for all the right reasons. With a devoted user based of 3+ million, this psychic medium has become a go-to option for the best online psychics. With more than two decades of experience, Kasamba offers reliable psychic predictions on an array of topics, such as:

  • Spiritual readings,
  • Love readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Dream analysis
  • Career forecasts
  • Astrological readings
  • Oracle card readings
  • Fortune telling
  • Past life readings

Kasamba’s best psychics, astrologers, fortune tellers, and tarot card readers can give you the guidance required to navigate the most complex aspects of your life. The online psychics use different mystical tools to answer any questions which you might have. Additionally, you will be pleased to know that Kasamba has more than 180 online psychics on its network, and several of these advisors are rated 4 and 5 stars based on past client reviews and testimonials.
Once you sign up on Kasamba using the 70% introductory discount, you can easily schedule phone psychic readings with credible advisors and receive profound guidance via different communication modes, such as email, online chat, and phone for simpler, faster, and more interactive free psychic reading online sessions.

Holistic Life Guidance

No matter what you are struggling with in life, a Kasamba psychic reader can help you pave the way and find meaning in the meaningless. Unlike other sites, the free psychics on this platform specialize in an array of life aspects ranging from career, academics, relationships, past life events, and so much more. At Kasamba, there is a psychic reader for everyone.

Deals & Discounts

If the above-shared information is not enough to persuade you to give Kasamba a try, we have more. The platform offers a 3-minute trial for free psychic reading online as well as an introductory 70% discount to all first-time users. In addition to this, Kasamba also has a generous refund policy for inaccurate psychic predictions.

Is Kasamba for You?

If you are feeling lost, confused, or scared about where destiny may be taking you ahead then Kasamba is the best online psychics for you. With the best free psychic readings, Kasamba has one of the biggest networks of free psychics who can help you understand the wisdom hidden in the unique workings of your life. Whether you are worried about your love-life, having second thoughts about your career, or concerned about your spiritual connection with the higher power, the best online psychics at Kasamba can provide meaningful insights to pull you out of the quicksand of your thoughts.

Our Verdict

There is no denying that Kasamba has some of the best free psychic reading online services. The site undertakes the most rigorous user safety and discretion practices to ensure the privacy of every client is preserved. In addition to this, with the help of countless past user testimonials and reviews, we can safely claim that free psychic readings provided by credible advisors on this psychic medium are highly dependable and accurate.


Here’s a quick snapshot of all the features we liked and disliked about Kasamba:

Things to like about Kasamba:

  • Vast variety of free psychic reading categories
  • Best for holistic life guidance
  • Free psychic reading online for up to 3 minutes
  • Introductory discount of 70% for phone psychics
  • Availability of several pricing options to suit every budget
  • Availability of multiple payment methods (including PayPal)
  • Psychic online services around the clock
  • Several modes of communication for free psychic readings (for e.g. chat, email, or phone)
  • Fair and generous money-back guarantee for inaccurate chat psychic readings

Things to dislike about Kasamba:

  • Free psychics might not be available on all communication modes
  • Free psychic readings are not available on video
  • The introductory free 3-minute trial is only available for chat psychics

>> Get a free trial reading + 70% OFF at Kasamba

2. Psychic Source - Accurate Predictions On Love Life & Relationships

Psychic Source has been an active player in the world of mystical arts for more than 30 years. With an array of free psychic reading online services including, fortune telling, career forecasting, past life events, dream analysis, and love psychics, this site without any doubt offers some of the most accurate psychic predictions to people in search of divine guidance.

While most of the fortune telling networks on the web allow users to connect with advisors using phone, email, or chat, at Psychic Source you can receive meaningful guidance even through video sessions. This means you can watch your physic reader receive celestial divination for your problems in real time. This will give you both a more productive and interactive psychic reading online session.

Although unlike Kasamba, Psychic Source essentially requires users to first sign-up for an introductory offer to avail free minutes for psychic online readings. But we could not ignore the fact that the site provides incredibly accurate psychic predictions by the best psychics. Due to this we could not resist making Psychic Source a part of our top three list. In addition to this, there are very few psychic online platforms that allow users to connect with their psychic reader and receive readings on video.

Free Psychic Love Reading

When it comes to matters of the heart, we all know how easily those matters can get complicated. During such times of hardship, everyone needs guidance to make sure the integrity of special relationships is preserved. Plus, it can be challenging to navigate one’s own emotions alone. Whether you’re waiting for the one true love or going through a difficult time in your romantic venture, a psychic reader from Psychic Source can help you immensely.

Psychic Source is among one of the top platforms for psychic love reading and relationship guidance. The site has been providing exceptional online psychic readings and other mystical services including tarot readings, oracle card readings, fortune telling, and more to users in discord for more than three decades. With some of the best free psychics on their network, Psychic Source caters to users with all sorts of relationship concerns.

Deals & Discounts

If the above-shared information wasn’t enough to woo you to give Psychic Source a try, we have more. While the site primarily requires you to sign-up and pay for a starter pack to avail minutes for online psychic readings, Psychic Source overall has such amazing offerings that we had to include it in our list of top 3.

For instance, Psychic Source provides a free 3-minute trial for free psychic readings as well as an introductory 75% discount to all first-time users. In addition to this, first time users can also take benefit from Psychic Source’s special packages which allow users to purchase 10, 20, or 30 minutes of online psychic readings for only $1 per minute.

Is Psychic Source for You?

Psychic Source is an excellent platform for anybody wishing to navigate the countless challenges of life. But it is more popular among users who are constantly in search of a free psychic reader for insightful love readings and relationship guidance. The discounted rates are another feature to consider.

Our Verdict

For three decades, Psychic Source has been offering authentic and reliable psychic readings online from some of the best psychics in the industry. Every psychic reader on the site’s network is carefully vetted for credibility to make sure no imposters are hired. Moreover, free psychic readings on the site are provided through several different communication modes, including chat, phone, and even video. You have the complete power to choose a mode that best fits your needs. Psychic Source also enables you to examine past client testimonials/reviews, their average rating, and also their specialty.


Here’s a quick snapshot of all the features we liked and disliked about this psychic source

Things to like about Psychic Source:

  • Accurate and free psychic readings
  • Clocked 30+ years of experience
  • Free psychic readings of up to 3 minutes for first timers
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction 24x7
  • Screened and vetted psychic readers
  • 200+ psychic reader to connect with
  • Best for free psychic readings (especially love and relationship)
  • Introductory discount of 75% for free psychic readings
  • Multiple communication modes (video, chat, email, or phone)
  • Daily horoscopes for free and membership reward programs

Things to dislike about Psychic Source:

  • Your preferred psychic reader might not be available on your desired communication mod
  • Charges differ based on the communication mode of every reader i.e. phone, chat, or video

>> Try out a secure and FREE reading on Psychic Source

3. Purple Garden – Fully Personalized Psychic Reading for People On-The-Go

Purple Garden is one of the best psychic mediums out there, offering clear, honest, and reliable guidance to people who are always on the go. The site bridges the gap between psychics and people who need mystical guidance in their life but rarely get the time to sit for a cosmic chat. Purple Garden makes it all possible owing to its on-the-go smartphone app.

As a trustworthy psychic reading site, Purple Garden provides different kinds of readings to its users, ranging from tarot readings, astrology readings, relationship coaches, fortune telling, oracle guidance, palm readings, dream analysis to angel card readings. With Purple Garden, users can receive readings over the phone. However, online chats and videos are more popular modes of communication. In addition, to provide maximum benefit to users, the platform also gives a star rating to every psychic reader present on its network. The goal is to make finding a reliable and trustworthy reader as easy as possible for users.

The platform also has a desktop version. However, the desktop version allows users to receive readings only through live chat. Whereas, the phone app version also provides phone and video readings. Due to this reason, users find the app to be more functional than the desktop version.

On-The-Go Psychic Readings

Purple Garden has given birth to a new kind of psychic reading experience with its cutting-edge on-the-go smartphone app. Unlike numerous other platforms, the Purple Garden app allows users to receive insightful and life-changing revelations by connecting with expert psychics from their mobile, wherever and whenever they feel convenient.

In addition to this, the platform boasts a unique feature by the name of “Journeys” which is basically a community-based safe space for members. On Journey users share their problems and reveal how a psychic reader on Purple Garden transformed their lives for the better. Making it a great place to not only receive amazing guidance but also build as a community.

Deals & Discounts

Although, Purple Garden does not have any introductory discounts or deals like Kasamba or Psychic Source for first time users, it does have an incredible cashback feature. According to this feature, users receive $10 worth of free credit whenever they make a purchase with Purple Garden. Instead of giving out introductory packages that can be redeemed only once, the platform chooses to offer long-term and recurring rewards to its most loyal users.

Is Purple Garden for You?

Purple Garden is a crowd favorite among people who are always on the run as well as among avid smartphone users since it provides psychic convenience at its best. In addition, the Purple Garden app is built incredibly well, showcasing an easy to navigate and understand user interface and convenient features.

Our Verdict

After closely assessing this platform, we can safely say that the Purple Garden offers a vast range of on-the-go psychic services to people who’re short on time. So, of you feel double-minded about making an important life decision then Purple Garden’s accurate psychic readings are the thing for you. Unlike other site, the service quality at Purple Garden is substantially high, and plethora of past user reviews/testimonials claim that this platform provides accurate psychic predictions. Furthermore, Purple Garden also highlights recommended and top-accuracy psychic readers to ensure maximum benefit is delivered to users. This also ensures that users receive the best guidance right from the start.


There's a quick snapshot of all the features we liked and disliked about this platform:

Things to like about Purple Garden:

  • $10 worth of free credit with any Purple Garden purchase
  • The platforms had both: a desktop version as well as smartphone app
  • Provides on-the-go psychic readings to people who are always on the run
  • Multiple communication modes (video, live chat, phone)
  • Showcases comprehensive profiles of psychic readers for user ease and convenience
  • Provides referral bonuses
  • Several psychic tools, mediums, and style available

Things to dislike about Purple Garden:

  • Charges differ based on the communication mode of every reader i.e. phone, live chat, or video
  • Frequent app glitches
  • Limited discount offers
  • Higher pricing compared to other competitors

>> Connect with Verified, Highly-Rated Psychic Reader at Purple Garden

Free Psychic Reading Online - Your Questions Answered

How are the best psychic reading platforms evaluated for credibility?

We analyzed the following parameters to determine the credibility of each site to make sure all our readers undergo a beneficial psychic reading experience.

  1. Past User Reviews/Testimonials: A great way to determine credibility of any service is through its past user reviews and testimonials. We read through hundred and thousands of reviews to ensure each of our top 3 sites delivered what they promised.
  2. Discounts & Deals: To bring you our top 3 free psychic reading sites, we also checked whether the platforms offered any introductory discounts for new and existing users.
  3. User Discretion & Security: We realize that there are numerous platforms operating on the web that trade private client info to third-party entities for their personal gains. That’s why we wanted to ensure that each one of our top 3 psychic platforms respected and didn’t compromise your personal details.
  4. Sign-up Ease: All three of our free psychics reading online platforms come with a straightforward and easy sign-up process to save you both time as well as effort. Plus, they would not ask for more than your required information.
  5. Years in Service: Keep in mind, the length of time any service provider has been around – whether online or offline – is a major indicator of its credibility, stability and reliability.

Can a psychic reader help me reconcile with traumatic and painful past life experiences?

It is true that a traumatic experience or event in your past can leave deep scars on both your emotional and mental wellbeing. If left untreated, these wounds may take years to heal and more often than not, cause unimaginable damage. Past trauma can be anything from an ugly break up, demise of a loved one, losing a pet, an accident, abusive childhood, etc. This is where an experienced psychic reader can help.

Gifted psychic readers use their mystical foresight coupled with special psychic tools like tarot cards to help you face and overcome those events. They help you understand the complex and deep-seated emotions that do not leave you even after the event passes.

Can psychic reading improve relationships?

Relationships are an integral and an incredibly fulfilling aspect of anyone’s life. But oftentimes, they can become complex, making it hard for you to navigate them appropriately. That is why, it’s always a good idea to have somebody to return to for support and guidance. This is where the relationship and love psychics of our top 3 sites can assist you. They offer expert and valuable guidance related to dating, friendships, and other relationships. Some of the free psychic reading platforms also have LGBTQIA+ friendly advisors on their network to ensure everyone feels comfortable using their services. Kasamba and Psychic Source even provide free love readings. In addition, to make sure users receive the best relationship guidance possible, a psychic reader might also use tools ranging from tarot cards, numerology readings, to oracle card readings.

Do these platforms perform dream analysis?

Not many people realize this but the human subconscious mind extremely powerful. With numerous best psychics specializing in dream analysis, all three of our top platforms can help you find hidden insights related to any recurring bizarre dreams that you might be having. A psychic reader can help you decipher what your subconscious mind is actually trying to tell you. For this purpose, the psychic reader might use his/her natural abilities or use the help of other psychic tools, such as tarot cards, oracle cards, cartomancy, etc.

Are free online psychic readings accurate and reliable?

There is a prevalent belief among people that free physic reading sites are inaccurate and unreliable. However, we would like to clarify that it’s nothing more than a misconception. Free psychic readings on sites like Kasamba, Psychic Source, and Purple Garden are 100% authentic and dependable. Keep in mind, the secret to having a meaningful session is to ask the right questions. This way, you will get the most out of your cosmic chat. Try forming spiritual links since being excessively particular with your questions might not give you the best results.

What kind of psychic readings are available on Kasamba, Psychic Source, and Purple Garden?  

Psychic readers on Kasamba, Psychic Source, and Purple Garden specialize in myriad of areas, including tarot readings, love readings, career forecasting, astrology readings, spiritual readings, past life readings, fortune telling, and more. A psychic reader on these platforms may also use certain mystical tools when performing readings.

What do psychic readers rely on to give insightful readings?  

The way a psychic reader acquires insight into your life makes a huge difference. Some psychic readers depend on their clairvoyance ability to see visions and read your future. On the other hand, there are online psychics who have strong sensitivity and empathy to your emotional vibrations. They are gifted with special intuition that allows them to decipher your emotions and feelings. Here are few other things that online psychic readers depend on to give meaningful insights about your life:

  • Astrology reading: The movement of celestial objects enable psychics to foretell the events of your future.
  • Cleromantic reading: Refers to act of casting tiny objects and reading them carefully by their position and orientation.
  • Cartomancy: It is a type of fortune-telling that utilizes a deck of cards.
  • Aura reading: Refers to the act of observing and interpreting auras that form glowing radiation around you. Psychics who use this technique claim that they have the power to sense auras.

Closing Thought

Thanks to mass digitalization and the prevalence of internet, now you don’t have to go through the trouble of visiting a psychic reader in person. Instead, you can effortlessly schedule and receive a free psychic reading session with the best psychics in the industry from the comfort of your home.

By getting regular psychic reading sessions, you can give your past life a meaningful perspective and step into the future with newfound light. And let’s now forget, you will also acquire an effective understanding of your present life since psychic readings can help your sub consciousness mind fully grasp past life events which might secretly be disturbing your present life.

Therefore, whether you have concerns about events or things which may have left a long-term indent on your health, career, relationships, or any life aspect, a good psychic reader can help you comprehend the meaning behind every situation to help you make wiser choices in the future.

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