The 5 Best College Research Paper Writing Services

4:01 PM, Apr 14, 2022

Writing research papers is a way of learning new things about any field of study you intend to pursue. But a research paper requires writing skills, time, and a good understanding of the research subject.

The good news is that there are reliable research paper writing services that can help you get your paper done in no time. But the only problem is finding one that could deliver on time, quality work, and within your budget.

We'll be sharing with you reviews of the five best research paper writing services online in the U.S.

These companies are the most reputable and popular on the market. They deliver plagiarism-free college papers that are written from scratch on any topic.

Top 5 Research Paper Writing Services

1. PaperHelp: Best Research Paper Writing Service

PaperHelp happens to be the best research paper writing service overall and offers good value for money. They specialize in giving plagiarism-free, high-quality academic papers. They provide college essay services at affordable prices for English-speaking students worldwide.

PaperHelp offers students who need assistance with their college essays, term papers, coursework, dissertation, or homework. They also have Android and iOS apps which makes ordering and tracking writing services very easy.

PaperHelp offers discounts and other methods for their clients to save costs on every writing order. However, these discounts include package deals such as limited-time 10% discount, Urgent papers, revision, and others. These types of discount offers provide more value to students than what they can get on other writing platforms and this makes it easy for PaperHelp to have a loyal clientele.

Why PaperHelp?

  • They deliver high quality papers across all academic levels.
  • PaperHelp has a simple order process that offers students a real-time cost on their coursework, assignment, and essay details that they provide.
  • You can track the progress of your assignment via different channels.
  • Also, they provide discounts of up to 15% through points earned on their loyalty program.
  • You can fast-track urgent papers to be delivered as brief as 3 hours.
  • They offer you unlimited free revisions. 
  • Sample papers available upon request.

2. BBQPapers: Best for Term Papers

BBQPapers happens to be the best term paper writing service and a great option for complex assignments, they are indeed professional writers. They guarantee you quality plagiarism-free papers that will meet all your formatting and citation needs.

Their writing order process is very simple but you will first have to set up an account on their platform. After creating an account, you’ll then share your assignment details and pay to complete the writing order.

Their pricing is based on your research paper needs, which could be for high school, college, or Ph.D., and also the word count of the research paper. This writing service provides rewards for their clients with loyalty and discounts of about 5% to 10% which depends on how many pages you ordered within a period.

However, in case you’re not happy with the quality of writing that is delivered to you, you can request corrections within 10 days to make it better.

Why BBQPapers?

  • There’s the possibility to communicate directly with your assigned writer and this means that you’ll be involved in the writing process that’s if you prefer to be. 
  • Whenever the assignment is delivered to you, all the file properties will be completely removed to make it easy to share as your own.
  • All academic papers undergo rigorous editorial checks.
  • The company provides a free plagiarism report with every order.

3. EssayTerritory: Best for Delivery Speed

EssayTerritory is another top-rated research paper writing service that is very cheap, reliable, and offers fast service. They are also well known for their efficient customer support and professionalism. This writing company has great ratings and client comments, as they recruited professional writers who provide quality writing for clients and are well-versed in the fields in which they specialize.

Their writing prices for the college research paper services are very reasonable and well-detailed via a price chart. They provide essays and custom research papers from high school to Ph.D. levels and also provide a variety of academic assignments. They have a price calculator which you can use to acquire a more precise pricing quotation, but you must specify the type of writing service you want.

The staff on EssayTerritory matches you with a skilled college essay writer which will depend on how well their writing talents meet the precise needs of your project. They ensure your personalized research paper is delivered within the time frame you want, and you can request corrections within 10 days if required.

Although this website isn’t as well-known as the others, the quality that it delivers is comparable. In addition, the platform is proud of its excellent customer service. Similar to what was mentioned before, they can write, edit, proofread, correct, and advise.

Why EssayTerritory?

  • They’re very cheap, reliable and offer fast service
  • They have a customer service team that is available anytime.
  • There’s a money-back guarantee.
  • They have revision and refund policies that are well-defined which makes it easier for you to understand how to seek redress in case you’re dissatisfied with a paper.

4. SpeedyPaper: Best Reputation

In case you need quality writing work at a reasonable price on time, and good reputation, great customer service, then this research paper writing service is the right option for you. SpeedyPaper is very affordable and can help to improve your grades. They also have experienced professionals who are in the customer service department, who help newbies to get the most from their project. They offer money-back guarantees and discounts for their clients.

With them, you won’t have to worry about deadlines as they are always prompt on delivery, regardless of the topic and academic level. Due to their commitment to providing the best quality content, SpeedyPaper employs an extensive team of educational experts that will deliver your content on time and with confidence. There’s the availability of revision and proofreading until you are satisfied with your project.

Their pricing starts at $11 per page, and this could be as low as $9 once you have a longer deadline. However, this is for your normal high school assignment. But if you are working on your Ph.D. dissertation, then you should expect to pay $23 per page.

Why SpeedyPaper?

  • SpeedyPaper has a good reputation and great customer service.
  • Project revisions are free of charge.
  • They provide decent quality term papers.
  • They offer support 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Their paper is of superior quality.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Loyalty program for regular clients.
  • Exceptional essay service.

5. EssayPro: Experienced Writers

EssayPro happens to be a world-renowned research paper writing company that is known to provide a unique writing service that lets you choose a writer yourself at an affordable price. They are a professional academic platform that will link you with outstanding specialized writers who will provide you with high-quality research papers within a short period.

One of the things that make this company stand out is that they allow you to browse and choose from hundreds of professional research paper writers on their platform that best matches your project task.

Their portal provides essay writing services worldwide but predominantly provides them to audiences in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Canada.

EssayPro provides papers for all academic levels, which includes college, high school, and university. Apart from buying a custom research paper, EssayPro offers case studies, assignments, dissertation writing, custom writing, and coursework, among other types of writings.

Why EssayPro?

  • They have an active customer service team that will always provide you with the support that you need which you can get to them whenever you encounter any challenges with your writer.
  • They can provide you with a free originality report (If you want) of every paper you order.
  • They provide you with unlimited revisions within the first 30 days of receiving your order.
  • They offer a unique service that lets you choose a writer yourself.

FAQs About Research Paper Writing Services

Do Research Paper Writing Companies Work? 

Our answer is yes, most of these companies work. The only thing you need is to make sure that you’re ordering a research paper from a reputable and top-rated writing service provider. As you may know, academic writing is a distinct discipline and can be formal. So this means that you should be cautious of the things they write for you in the research work.

But always remember that only professional research paper writers are employed on these online writing sites. Though you still need to be very cautious, most of them will collaborate with you at every stage to make sure that nothing is overlooked.

Whenever writers are used properly by these platforms, they can assist you in expressing your ideas more effectively than they can ever personally.

However, to be very effective in their services, a research writing service should fulfill the following specific characteristics:

  • Give you writing that is 100% Unique.
  • Offer you cheap and affordable prices.
  • Should meet up with your project deadline.
  • Must have native-speaking professional writers.
  • Must be open to communication and trust their writers.
  • Must offer you revisions that are free and unlimited.
  • Your safety and confidentiality should be guaranteed.

Are Research Paper Writing Websites Legit? 

Yes, they are legit. This is because many colleges and universities don’t prohibit students from hiring researchers, writers, editors, and proofreaders to assist them in their term papers and dissertations. When you use a legit online essay writing services platform to assist you with your academic assignment is the same as hiring a trainer to help you improve your learning abilities. In recent times, people engage 3rd party online service platforms, even in the professional sector.

Legit paper writing services online are used by many clients other than students, and these clients are industry professionals, executives, and academics, to mention a few. These platforms are paid to complete the job and after which, they hand over ownership of the paper to the client.

The only problem that will happen is when the research writing services platform does a specific crime that will hurt their customers. Note that there are lots of essay writing businesses available online that only exist just to defraud students with their outrageous services. Most of these companies are merely con artists that misrepresent themselves.

However, many people are normally freelance writers. They have created bespoke essays or other comparable writing works. So if you ask, are research paper writing websites legit, then know that there is nothing improper or unlawful except for a few.

Is it Safe to Use a Research Paper Writing Service?

Not that the safety of ordering a research paper online will depend on several factors. The first thing to check is the reputation of a particular research paper writing service you intend to use. This is because more scam research paper service platforms are emerging, which often feature attractive designs and catchy propositions. Though you can recognize these scammers by checking their reviews on reputable platforms such as Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and others.

Another thing you must check is the originality of the content you’re ordering on the research paper writer sites. Remember that plagiarism can get a student expelled and an adult prone to legal action.

It is safer to purchase a research paper than to purchase an academic paper. Just as the name implies, a research paper is meant for research purpose alone and are often used for expanding a specific topic. Even at that, professors who are acquainted with their students carefully examine and compare the essays.

However, if everything is done well, buying research papers online is perfectly safe. But you must learn to avoid scam sites, pick a suitable writer, and choose a term paper writing company that will guarantee the quality of your project work.

Always remember that scam sites can fake a lot of reviews.

How Much Should I Pay Someone To Write My Research Paper For Me? 

How much you should pay for research paper writing services varies due to lots of reasons. When you do research for the top writing services, then you’ll observe that their prices vary for their several services. This is because each service has a minimum charge for any type of research paper.

However, few paper writing companies charge as low as $13 per page, while top writing service providers will charge you starting from $19 to about $25 on the minimum. So to know how much to pay someone to write your research paper, visit any of the 5 best research paper writing services online in 2022 listed above to find pricing details on their order page.

Once you visit, you’ll be asked for details of your paper such as the total word count, type of paper, number of pages, and delivery time. Note that all these points will be combined for automatic pricing calculation and you’ll get the charges on the screen. Then once you are okay with the charges, you can give a go-ahead order and deposit the money before work will commence on the project.

Though you may go for the cheapest writing services, always remember that cheap doesn’t mean quality.

Can You Get Caught Using a Research Paper Writing Service? 

You won’t get caught using writing services online because buying research papers online isn’t illegal, as long as the research paper writing service is fully registered and doesn’t plagiarize academic content. But a student’s biggest concern while using an essay writing service or ordering for a research paper online is to know if the platform has a professional writer that can deliver relevant and 100% unique content. The 5 best writing companies listed above prioritize these factors.

So you should ensure that before you hire any professional research paper writer online, check the review you find about them thoroughly to make sure that the entity meets your writing specifications. Try to find out what other clients are saying about the platform. Find out if more users have positive feedback for using their services than negative feedback.

By examining the platform’s credibility, you’ll experience no issue when you tender your written research paper to your institution. Note that the most trusted online paper writing service providers will offer you a money-back guarantee that should protect you against being let down by the hired research writer.

Ethics Of Buying Research Papers Online

Since college writing may considerably differ throughout different disciplines, the ethics of using college paper writing services can be extremely contentious.

Whenever a student is given research work to do or even different assignments in higher institutions, most may try typing “research work service” on Google and discover lots of companies that will assist them with their writing work.

But you should know that these writing services use online freelancers, and some make use of full-time writers who specialize in creating research journals. However, no matter what you can afford, you will find numerous options that will fulfill your needs.

Note that most online paper writing services are more costly than others, and most of their pricing may not represent their writing skills. This makes hiring a dependable writing service very difficult for most college students.

But many people believe that giving out a task that consumes time to writing experts is acceptable as long as they engage in creative work. This is because plagiarism can have serious ramifications on your education once you present copied content.

Most supervisors are aware that their students buy research papers on the internet from unknown writing services, and this makes every educator equipped with the right tool to check for plagiarism in any research work.

Best Paper Writing Service — Conclusion

To sum it up, PaperHelp is the best research paper writing service in the custom writing industry, because it hires top academic writers with advanced degrees to do the work.

Their work can cover the needs of high-school, college, and university students. Almost all types of papers are included, not just essays and research papers. You can easily order resumes, cover letters, book reviews, or any other type of assignment.

In case you’re experiencing stress and anxiety because the deadline for submitting your work is coming close, then hire a professional that will help you from paper writing services. Once you do, you’ll never have to pull an all-nighter to write a research paper that you’ll later end up failing.

You can put your future in trusted hands and get the best grades for your research papers, essays, proofreading, dissertation writing, term papers, custom writing, coursework, and many more! In case you have to juggle school and work just to stay afloat, then the companies that are listed above are what you need to finally find some time to relax.


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