Will Spotify Know if I Buy Spotify Plays?

9:59 AM, Sep 23, 2022

Fortunately, some companies allow you to buy Spotify plays and followers and get past the algorithm, but will Spotify know this? Let’s find out! Before that, let’s have a look at the sites offering Spotify services.

Spotify is one of the best platforms for independent artists to grow their following. However, they will have to compete with those of their caliber and famous artists with Grammys to their names.

To know which song to play, Spotify uses sophisticated algorithms to sift through millions of content through several factors, such as the singer's follower count and the song's stream count. This process makes it hard for unsigned artists to shine.

The 3 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays From

The fastest way to get in trouble when using paid engagement remains to be getting them from questionable sources. You can avoid this by buying your Spotify plays and followers from the following social media marketing agencies:

1. Stormlikes.net

We suggest you balance things out. $2.61 will give you 100 followers from their cheapest follower plan. Their most expensive bundle, which includes 2500 followers, costs $42.53. So it’s not a big deal to buy Spotify followers from Stormlikes.net.

One of the top and most dependable booster service providers is Stormlikes.net. They provide followers and interactions on several social media sites besides just Spotify.

Two Spotify options are available to you: Spotify Plays or Spotify Followers. Their cheapest Buy Spotify Plays package is $5.51 and includes 1000 plays. You can get 25,000 plays in the most expensive Plays package, which costs $101.25.

As we mentioned, BART may become suspicious if there's an imbalance between the number of your followers and monthly plays.

We suggest you balance things out. $2.61 will give you 100 followers from their cheapest follower plan. Their most expensive bundle, which includes 2500 followers, costs $42.53. So it’s not a big deal to buy Spotify followers from Stormlikes.net.

Stormlikes.net provides you with actual plays and followers from real accounts and places, surpassing Spotify's crackdown on fraudulent followers. They accomplish this by utilizing engagement groups made up of actual members of the Spotify Community who provide top-notch services.

We can look at brands like Homer news, Devdiscourse, Economictimes, Business review, and Bmmagazine, Exploreinlife to support Stormlikes.net as the first and best Spotify service provider.

The initial interactions and followers may appear on your account as soon as the day after your purchase. However, they send their items through a drip method to avoid being flagged for suspicious behavior.

2. Social-Viral.com

Another marketing service website that provides reasonably priced services to advance your Spotify career is Social-Viral.com.

They provide more adaptable follower booster packages, with prices starting at $1.05 for 50 followers and going up to $206.25 for 50,000 followers. Additionally, they provide Spotify Plays, which range in price from $5.99 for 1000 plays to $105 for 50,000 plays. Nothing is hard buying Spotify followers in the fastest way possible with this site.

They also use real accounts that provide high-quality Spotify plays and follows, so don't worry about getting banned.

However, one drawback of Social-Viral.com is that they instantly supply purchased followers and plays. Some may see this as an advantage, but given how BART works, we advise sticking with the drip method, which, although it takes longer, is more secure.

3. Followers.io

Another well-known company that offers Spotify interactions and followers is Followers.io. They offer specialized packages that can deliver up to 50,000 plays and followers.

Followers.io also provides a more focused approach that some competitors may not have. This enables you to engage in natural dialogues with listeners not part of your paid subscription.

Additionally, compared to some of their rivals, their premium service gives you real accounts with higher interaction levels.

Will Spotify Know if I Buy Spotify Plays?

Spotify can indeed know if you buy fake Spotify plays or followers. Unreliable promotion service companies offer fake stream activity.

These low-quality boosting packages give you bots instead of real follower accounts manned by humans, making them easier to be detected as fake streams and flagged for suspicion.

How Spotify Detects Fake Plays

Let's get a bit technical, shall we? Spotify uses an artificial intelligence program named BART (Bandits for Recommendations and Treatments) to keep an active listener engaged.

BART records what the average listener likes, skips, downloads, listen on repeat, and mixes it all to give them the next song. However, BART and a team of human data analysts also track suspicious activities with these data.

Let's look at some of the ways they can detect if you use fake listeners.

There's Disparity Between Your Monthly Listeners and Followers

One way to track a music artist's reach is the number of monthly listeners. However, it doesn't stand well on its own as a metric since it's typically blended with unintentional or casual listeners.

On the other hand, your follower number gives BART a better view of how engaged your fan base is.

Essentially, BART and the data analysts look at it this way: an average artist shouldn't have more monthly listeners than their number of followers. When there's an inconsistency between these two metrics, they'll flag you for suspicion and look at your and your follower's profiles.

Your Followers Have Questionable Playlists and Recommended Artists

The artist profile menu can show which playlists their songs have been featured on. A bot account's playlists typically contain songs from varying genres made by different artists who availed booster packages.

Their favorite artists also look suspicious as it most likely has singers with little to no background in the music industry.

A word of caution: using low-quality bot followers can backfire for you. Authentic listeners will have difficulty browsing through your music because of a confusing "Fans Also Like" segment. It can also make it harder for you to earn organic promotions.

People Aren't Talking About Your Music in Real Life

An easy way to know if an artist became famous through organic promotion is by listening to word of mouth. People will inevitably talk about good music and ignore (or even make fun of) rubbish songs.

It quickly becomes suspicious for an unknown artist of an unknown background to rise in a short time.

Critics can also easily search for you on the Internet and see what you've done in the past and whether people are talking about you. If the answer turns out to be no, you've got some explaining to do.

People may also look into your locality. If you're unknown in your local music industry, how did you get a high number of followers and streams?

Spotify and Paid Engagement

We understand how hard it is to compete with big artists on Spotify, which is why we don't give any judgments if you buy Spotify plays as a newbie artist. Just remember to use legitimate boosting providers. Also, you should remember that buying followers and streams as the sole means of getting famous won't get you anywhere.

At the end of the day, talent and hard work will get you to the top.


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