21 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes (Instant and Safe) In 2022

10:48 AM, Jan 04, 2022
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As a platform home to more than 1.41 billion users, it can be challenging to stand out amongst other creators.

Instead of spending hours developing a popular profile, you’ll find that buying engagement makes a whole world of difference.

With a list of the 21 best sites to buy Instagram likes (instant and safe) in 2022, you can become a social media master.

21 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes (Instant and Safe) In 2022

Let’s explore the best places to buy Instagram likes to start your social media journey.

We guarantee that your page’s popularity can increase by buying followers and buying likes on Instagram.

Before we reveal our list of sites, let me clear the Top 3 Instagram service providers as per reviews by authority sites like Peninsuladaily News, Jpost, US Magazine, Mercury News, Dailycal, Thedailyworld, Floridanewstimes, and Texasnewstoday:

  1. Likes.io (No.1 and Best 100% Satisfied Service Provider)
  2. Stormlikes.net (Multiple Service provider along with Instagram)
  3. Followers.io (Latest and Instant Service provider)

Here we take a deep down dive into the ocean of Instagram service providers around the world. Out of 50+ service providers, experiencing all we concluded the best, trustworthy, and most popular websites for you to select.


Likes.io is a fabulous resource for buying likes on Instagram, especially if you want to increase your engagement tenfold.

Aside from several packages to use to buy Instagram likes, they also provide auto likes and followers. You can buy Instagram followers without any hassle.

With their services, you can ensure you’re giving your posts enough traffic to boost their visibility every time.

Likes.io is unique in that they understand the importance of engagement on posts to promote your page.

Unlike other services, they offer you the ability to grow organically over time, increasing your engagement even after purchasing.

For example, once you establish a strong foundation of likes, it can help encourage more potential followers to engage with your posts.

Buy Instagram Likes from Likes.io


Followers.io is another fantastic site if you’re looking to buy likes Instagram, as they have several services to help.

Much like Likes.io, they are a one-stop shop for all types of engagement, including buying Instagram followers, likes, and views.

Whether posting a photo or video, you can guarantee your content gets the attention it deserves.

Followers.io helps grow your audience quickly rather than waiting for it to boost itself organically.

This platform provides increased engagement from real accounts and real people using a targeted approach.

You’ll no longer have to worry about bot accounts and fake likes when you buy Instagram likes.

Buy Instagram likes from Followers.io


Stormlikes.net helps make buying likes on Instagram considerably simpler with their straightforward pricing and packages.

Each user will have access to essential services to help boost the popularity of their posts.

Whether you want to buy likes on Instagram or buy followers Instagram, the options are endless. Growing Instagram likes and followers are so easy in today’s competitive age.

On this platform, you’ll be able to decide on the number of likes you want and receive an instant quote.

From there, you can find the perfect amount of engagement that fits within your budget.

Stormlikes.net also offers guaranteed benefits, such as instant delivery, real likes from real accounts, and the option to split attention across posts.

Buy Instagram Views from Stormlikes


Another top-recommended platform to consider if you want to buy Instagram likes is Social-viral.com.

Their extensive collection of engagement packages sets them apart from other sites, especially regarding pricing.

Creators can get high-quality impressions from real accounts without worrying about bots and fake profiles.

Over time, you’ll be able to retain a larger chunk of your purchased audience, encouraging other organic followers to visit your page.

You can also choose from various packages that include likes, views, and followers.

Along with Instagram, Social-viral.com also offers Tiktok, Spotify, Twitter, and Facebook engagement.

Buy Instagram Likes from Social Viral


Mrpopular is a helpful resource for account owners looking to buy likes Instagram.

With their services, you’ll buy likes on Instagram from high-quality profiles that are currently active.

Also, their engagement is essential for videos, helping boost your number of views and impressions.


Are you looking to buy likes on Instagram for an affordable price? If so, Smmsmartmarket is a great solution.

They have fast and safe engagement packages to help deliver better metrics to your profile overnight.

You’ll be able to choose between high quality and premium likes, depending on your budget.


Followerssale is helpful for creators looking to buy likes for Instagram with a user-friendly platform.

The company’s website is easy to navigate while offering clear benefits and a quick checkout process.

All you have to do is choose the platform you need engagement for and select the type of traffic you want. You can buy followers Instagram and likes anytime you want.


Boosting your page’s reach is much simpler when you choose to buy likes for Instagram through Likesandmore.

They have a straightforward process to bring more traffic to your profiles and boost engagement.

Simply select the number of likes you want, and the company will deliver them to your page.


As a brand or creator, getting your hands on high-quality traffic is of the utmost importance.

When you buy Instagram likes from Myhotfollowers, you’re opening the door to a world of opportunities.

Their packages feature high-quality impressions that you can purchase through a safe and easy process.


Thedealbay is one of the few platforms that understand the importance of boosting your profile’s popularity as quickly as possible.

If you dream of being an influencer, choosing to buy likes Instagram from this platform is ideal. If you first try to get Instagram followers first, then likes will come automatically behind your Instagram posts. That is the shortest way to get more engagement in the quickest time.

They have a collection of packages for increasing your followers, video views, and post likes.


Unlocking the benefits of real and active users when you buy likes for Instagram is crucial to your online success.

With Instabumper, you can explore many intuitive packages to help you grow your social media following.

At this time, they offer packages to help you buy followers Instagram but intend to grow into providing likes.


One of the most exciting features of Technobari is that they help grow your Instagram account within 12 hours.

Creators will be able to browse through a collection of services, not just buying likes on Instagram.

You can also find services for TikTok, ideal for social media savants.

The daily plans from this company are the most popular solution for boosting engagement.

You pay a monthly amount to receive a specific number of daily likes.

This process ensures your page experiences gradual growth, helping it look more organic over time.


Soc-promotion is a fabulous solution if you want to buy likes for Instagram, especially as a new user.

They offer several creator tools that allow you to customize your engagement, spreading your likes across several posts.

Also, they guarantee that every impression is from 100% authentic accounts.

The pricing for Soc-promotion is highly competitive, and you have the added benefit of instant delivery and 24/7 customer support.

What’s more, you can opt to delay your likes, customizing how quickly or slow they’re brought to your page.


If you’ve been interested in diversifying your audience worldwide, TheSocialSavior is what you need.

Their services provide creators with followers and likes from Australia.

Unlike other platforms, you can’t purchase bulk likes; instead, you buy followers.

Your followers can then engage with your posts, offering an organic feel to your increased engagement.

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to buy Instagram likes without making your growth seem fake, this platform is recommended.


At first glance, Instaboost seems like one of the many services designed to let you buy Instagram followers.

However, they also have a collection of packages if you want to buy likes Instagram.

When you visit the checkout page, you can choose the best package that suits your needs.

Currently, they offer as few as 25 likes on all your posts for $5. You can also opt for larger packages, such as 500 likes on all your posts for $50.

Like other platforms, your impressions are guaranteed to be authentic from high-quality accounts.


GrowingSocialMedia is designed similarly to Instaboost.

They advertise the ability to buy Instagram followers and offer creators the option to buy likes for Instagram.

You have to visit the checkout page to see what packages they offer.

Moreover, you’ll be able to buy likes for the same price as Instaboost.co with many of the same benefits.

Most packages come with instant delivery from authentic accounts to help your page grow organically.

The checkout process is also straightforward, private, and secure.


Fast delivery is one of the largest advantages to Erkekkuafor and its Instagram engagement packages.

Creators can buy Instagram likes and begin to see increased traffic nearly instantly.

Every package you purchase comes with top quality likes and 24- to 72-hour delivery.

Another huge benefit of this platform is that they don’t require your password to deliver the likes.

You have to provide your page URL so that the accounts know where to visit.

With high quality and premium likes available, it’s a top source to buy likes for Instagram.


Ighope offers real likes from real people along with instant delivery.

You can also decide what posts to put the engagement on, funneling traffic to your most important content.

As with most of these services, you’ll find a collection of packages, from 50 likes to 10,000 likes.


The premise behind SuperViral.ca is to help your Insta page’s performance by offering a larger social media presence.

The more traffic your posts get, the more likely they will be recommended to your target audience.

You’ll find an assortment of high-quality and premium likes to purchase in amounts as little as 100 likes per post.


Insta-promoter provides a 100% safe way to buy Instagram likes, keeping all of your personal information private and secure.

Every package also comes with real and active engagement from high-quality accounts.

By working with Insta-promoter, you will notice more likes per post and more profile visits and impressions.


Like the company’s name suggests, Rxlaw is said to help creators buy likes on Instagram for less.

You can purchase as few as 10 slow Instagram likes for $0.59 up to 20,000 slow likes for $149.99.

With 100% guaranteed delivery and customizable delivery speeds, you can tailor the way traffic comes to your page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Instagram Likes

As a newbie to buying Instagram likes, it’s important to have some common questions answered.

Let’s look at the most frequently asked questions newbies have if they want to buy Instagram likes.

1. How to buy likes on Instagram?

If you want to buy likes Instagram, the process is relatively straightforward. By far, the most critical part of the process is to find a safe platform.

You’ll want to ensure your personal information is kept secure and your engagement is delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

2. How to buy Instagram likes?

There are a few key steps to follow if you decide to buy likes on Instagram.

After finding a trustworthy platform, you must browse through the engagement packages.

Most services allow you to buy anywhere from 50 to over 10,000 likes at a time.

Find a package within your budget, and simply enter your IG URL as well as your payment information.

When the payment goes through, you will only need to wait up to 24 hours to receive all of your engagement.

3. How to buy Instagram likes and followers?

The most important part of learning how to buy likes on Instagram is knowing how much engagement you need.

It’s far too often that creators buy too much traffic, making their growth inauthentic.

Ideally, you’ll want to choose a service that provides engagement gradually over time.

With this process, you can get higher engagement rates that appear organic, which then attract more followers.

Also, it can help establish your page’s authority rather than begin targeted for bot activity.

4. Where to buy Instagram likes?

Using this guide, you’ll have a significant number of fantastic sites where you can buy likes for Instagram.

Each platform features a comprehensive list of packages to help you buy Instagram likes quickly and safely.

Buying Instant and Safe Instagram Likes

Knowing the 21 best sites to buy Instagram likes (instant and safe) in 2022 can help you own a successful IG page in no time.

You can attract more organic followers to build your target audience by buying engagement.

With the above sites, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of social media.

Apart from that, we have also highlighted the best sites to buy Instagram followers to get more trustworthy services.

All in all, the conclusion remains easy, if you choose Likes.io then it’s best to start a trial task, you will come to know the more you use about it. Feel free to ask questions before you blindly buy from any service provider.


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