Sister Dottie returns to the stage

Posted at 9:15 PM, Feb 19, 2012
and last updated 2012-02-20 00:32:07-05

Sister Dottie is selling out shows at the Salt Lake Acting Company in "Dottie: The Sister Lives On!", her second one-woman show.

Developed by actor and playwright Charles Frost and Christopher R. Wixom. On stage, Frost is transformed into Sister Dottie S. Dixon, an American Fork housewife and good Mormon mother who stands behind her gay son.

"I'm big for family preservation and acceptance of all. I'm on a big ole bandwagon for equality and gay marriage. I'm for no violence, no bullying or belitt'lin or beating whatsoever and stand firmly on the side of love," said Frost.

Frost created Sister Dottie in homage to his mother, while poking fun at Utah's quirks.

"Sister Dottie come about because someone needed to be an activist for the minoritized and the miniturized people of this world," said Frost.

The play is a comedy, but Dottie has a way of making people look at their own beliefs.

"We love making people laugh. We love making people self-examine themselves and see where they stand on real important issues in life," said Frost. "Things are a changing...they are a changing."

For more information on the show, which starts on Wednesday and runs through March 11, visit