New website helps parents with ‘The Talk’

Posted at 10:57 PM, Jun 18, 2013

UTAH COUNTY, Utah —  A new website aims to help parents have open conversations with their teens about abstinence outside of marriage.

The Utah County Health Department recently launched the website, which is called Talking 2 Teens.

Officials said the purpose of the website is to help parents determine when they should have “The Talk” with their kids and how to start that conversation.

The website focuses on the difficulty parents can have talking to their kids about the subject, and it provides resources for parents.

Sofia Ybarra is a health educator with the Utah County Health Department, and she said parents talking to their children can make a big difference.

“From all the research that I did, showed that parents have more influence on their children’s sexual activity than the media as long as they’re involved, and I believe that, I think they really do,” she said.

Health department officials urged parents to share their personal and family values with their children. The website was funded through a federal grant from Health and Human Services.