Josh Romney stops to help after car crashes into house

Posted at 12:17 PM, Nov 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-29 14:32:45-05

HOLLADAY, Utah -- The son of former presidential nominee Mitt Romney is in the spotlight after he tweeted out a photo Friday.

In the photo, Josh Romney can be seen standing next to the wreckage of a car accident that happened in Holladay Thursday night.

The photo's caption reads, "Was first on scene to big accident, see pic of car in the house. I lifted 4 people out to safety. All ok. Thankful."

Josh Romney sent FOX 13 a statement via email regarding the accident. He said he was driving home from a Thanksgiving dinner with his family when he witnessed the crash. He said he was stopped at an intersection at 4500 South when a speeding vehicle drove through the intersection and crashed into a home.

"I drove to the accident site and entered the home where the car had come to a stop on its side," Josh said in an email. "I opened the car door and spoke with the four passengers inside the car. Miraculously, they appeared to have no major injuries. I was able to help each of them get out of the car and lift them down to the ground."

Josh said he's grateful that no one was seriously injured, and was glad to help those affected by the accident.

"What I did to help the people involved in the accident is what anyone else would do who witnessed such a potentially dangerous situation," he said.