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What type of gift giver is your child?

Posted at 1:10 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 15:30:50-05

Parenting expert Carol Tuttle shares her gift giving tips for the four types of children. For more information visit

The Type 1 fun-loving child loves surprises. These kids will change their mind a lot about what they want, so you have a lot of options to surprise them. Add an extra activity with a gift to make it a treasure hunt!
Gift giving ideas: This child also loves to share gifts with others, giving a gift is like a gift! Give them a gift card or small amount of money to the dollar store and make one of their gifts a shopping trip to purchase and deliver some gifts to siblings, cousins, or friends.

The Type 2 sensitive child loves to plan and make gift lists. Ask them to write down 4 or 5 things they might like and choose from that list without telling them what you are getting them.
Gift giving ideas: They put a lot of feeling into gifts they give, so help them make a list of who they would like to give gifts to, the amount of money it would require. Help them by providing the wrapping supplies and to make the gift special with added wrapping details, including a hand written note from them.

The Type 3 determined child loves an adventure and projects. Gifts that include activities and outings are perfect.
Gift giving ideas: They also love hands on projects, so help them make a few homemade projects to give to a few special people in their life. One of my favorite is peppermint bark, all it takes is 3 ingredients - white baking chocolate, crushed peppermint candy, and peppermint extract. Melt the chocolate, add the crushed peppermint candy and extract, spread on wax paper, let cool, break it into chunks in put it in plastic bags!

The Type 4 more serious child has the strongest preference for what they want. These children are willing to do the research to find just the right items. Giving them a couple gift cards is the perfect way to support them in getting what they want! Amazon gift cards allow them to do all kinds of research!
Gift giving ideas: Help this child decide on 2-3 people they would like to give a gift to. Ask them to think about what they would like to give and to figure out the cost and bigger picture of what is required. Have them report back to you on an agreed upon timeline to fine tune what they have come up with and how it will be executed.