Clean-up efforts continue as floodwaters begin to recede in Box Elder County

Posted at 7:22 PM, Feb 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-25 21:22:28-05

BOX ELDER COUNTY -- Garland City residents saw a much drier scene than previous days in Box Elder County Saturday. Much of the flood water has receded, but there are still some problem areas.

On resident Justin Wilson's street, pumps are still working around the clock to pull water out of the neighborhood.

"Monday night is the only time I've had sleep," Wilson said, adding he woke up Tuesday morning to find 3 feet of water in his son's room.

Wilson said he moved into his home in October and put around $25,000 into remodeling. He had to rip up new carpet and said he will have to put in new walls, baseboards and furniture. On top of all of that, his home does not have any heat.

"Questar Gas came in here and shut the gas off," he said.

Wilson mentioned he was thankful for his community and his boss, who helped supply space heaters and clothing to keep his family warm.

"Me and my wife and my kids, we're not doing this alone," Wilson said. "There's other people that's out there fighting it."

Mason Hansen and his dad told Fox 13 News they have had a similar issue. They found a few inches of water in their home, and they also had to rip up all of their carpet.

Mason said all of his friends are talking about the flooding, and he said some have had to move.

"I'm a little worried just because my grandparents have been getting water, and we don't want to have to go through the same thing again," he said.

With warmer weather coming, residents just might have a flooding issue again.

The Red Cross has been helping flood victims throughout the week. Saturday evening they were at the Garland City offices to provide supplies to victims and offer recovery plans to those who simply do not know what to do.

For help, you can call the volunteer center at 435-695-2554.