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Try these 5 booty blasting Barre moves

Posted at 3:24 PM, Feb 02, 2018

Tess Ames, otherwise known as Twinkletoes Barrebie is a Barre Instructor and Fitness + Lifestyle Blogger in Utah Valley. She shares five exercises for a serious booty workout you can do at home.

5 Booty Barre Blasters
1. Plies
-Plié breakdown in first position, reverse, demi pulse, lift the heels
- Repeat in 2nd position
2. Tabletop Batmes (bands optional)
-Flat back + pull abs into spine
-Single leg raise, pulse, donkey kicks, bend extend, back attitude pulse, Penche arabesque series
3. Side Batmes (bands optional)
- 4x each, increase to 8, then 16
- Batme, straight leg pulse
- Circles front and back
- Bent leg swing, pulse knee in line with ankle
- Bend extend flex foot crunch and lift
- Wrap to back attitude keeping the knee in place then pulse
4. Tucks in chair position (bands optional)
- Center, pulse, tuck forward, corkscrew
5. Glute Bridge with Body Bar
- 8 pulses, levels, down for 2 up for 2, circles and inner thigh work squeeze

You can find out more on her instagram @twinkletoesbarrebie