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Apple introduces new VR headset for $3,499

The standout VR product caught the attention of Apple fans amid the company's release of a list of other new products and updates.
Apple introduces new VR headset for $3,499
Posted at 4:43 PM, Jun 05, 2023

Apple has introduced its new Vision Pro virtual reality — or mixed-reality — "spacial computing" headset. The equipment resembles a pair of goggles and allows the user to view workspaces and computing selections as if the desktop or viewing screen is floating out in front of the device, integrated with the environment around the user. 

The VR headset was introduced alongside new products including a 15-inch MacBook Air, a new iOS 17 operating system for iPhone and FaceTime for Apple TV.

With a price tag at just under $3,500, Apple is introducing a device to the market at a time when consumers appear to be cutting back on spending. 

Apple is calling its Vision Pro "the most advanced personal electronics device ever," a big statement that came way ahead of the price tag, which was mentioned at the end of the presentation. The device will run using visionOS by Apple, a new platform created just for the headset. 

Users can use the headset while it is plugged in, and if it is unplugged, its external battery will support a quick "up to" two hours of use.

Apple says users will have "infinite screen real estate" with the device. The company is selling the device, which will be available early in 2024, as a sort of do-it-all personal computing device that might replace a number of other products. 

Reports from Macy's, Costco and Target have all recently signaled that shoppers appear to be cutting back on their spending habits. 

In April, Federal Reserve economists predicted that the country would experience a "mild recession" later in 2023. The first half of the year did not present a good outlook for the banking industry, beginning with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. 

The International Monetary Fund started the year off with a dire outlook on continued economic uncertainty. 

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