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Jordan School District continues to offer virtual learning for new school year

Posted at 8:38 AM, Aug 17, 2022

WEST JORDAN, Utah — For some, virtual learning during the pandemic was extremely challenging - but others liked the new way of schooling so much that they're bringing the method into the new school year.

The Mohlman sisters attend Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary School. Their mom, Samantha, says initially they chose remote learning for safety reasons during the pandemic, but they've liked it so much that they're going to continue this academic year.

"We know what they're learning because I'm actually involved more in their school," Samantha explained.

The Mohlmans are just a few of the 1,200 students enrolled in the district's K-12 virtual schools.

Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary School Principal Ross Menlove says they saw the need for virtual learning before COVID-19, but the pandemic expedited their plans.

"What we've seen is, it's parents who want more choices and options for their families," Principal Menlove explained.

Since then, they've developed a comprehensive online education system that lets students take all of their classes online. Students can also choose a hybrid option.

Perks of online learning include smaller class sizes, more time for one-on-one time with teachers, and time built into the curriculum that allows students to socialize with purpose.

The Mohlman sisters take part in the optional program called "peak time," which occurs twice a week. The time gives them a chance to do hands-on projects in person with other peers.

"Virtual school is a little bit funner because you could spend more time with family and you can find more friends," the girls remarked.

While virtual learning isn't for everyone, the Jordan School District's program is flexible enough so students can try it out for a semester and if they don't like it - they're able to return to the traditional classroom setting.