Back to School


Young actors play role in getting kids to school safely

Posted at 6:50 AM, Aug 18, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — As Utah students return to their classrooms, getting them to and from school safely is a priority.

That means drivers paying attention through school zones and the constant need for more crossing guards.

This year, the Unified Police and Unified Fire departments are getting creative to get the word out.

They’re employing a top secret weapon, a dynamic duo of actors who have a unique perspective on why it’s so important to be smart and safe in school zones.

This is the latest in a series of public service announcements put together by the UPD AND UFA.

The actors may be small in stature but the message they’re trying to convey is huge, especially during this “back to school” time of year.

“Remember kids, it’s always important to walk to school safe! Watch for pedestrians at all times, especially in school zones,” said Sgt. Melody Cutler with UPD. “It’s vital! We need that message out there, so we’re hoping to find a way to get people to listen and pay attention to this, because our kids are so important.”

Her advice: “Get off your devices, slow down and just be aware, look around, pay attention to those kids out there on those streets.”

So Salt Lake County public safety officials are trying something a little different, employing these pint size thespians to spread the word about school zone safety.

Officer Brynlee and Firefighter Hudson were all in.

“I enjoy it, my dad, he enjoys it, we all enjoy it, it’s really, really fun,” firefighter Hudson said.

“So that kids are safe when they cross the road and they don’t get run over,” officer Brynlee said.

“It’s a fun way to get the message out there and we hope that people are paying attention and enjoying the little videos that are coming around,” Sgt. Cutler said.

Besides the need for drivers to slow down and get off their phones, Unified Police also want everyone to know they can always use more people willing to be school crossing guards.

It’s just a few hours a day and you get paid.

To find out more, check out the Unified Police website.