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California man wins $1 million during gas station coffee run

His gut told him to buy a $10 scratch-off ticket.
California man wins $1 million during gas station coffee run
Posted at 8:02 AM, May 28, 2023

A California man's recent visit to the gas station for a cup of joe ended with him walking out of the convenience store with a ton of Benjamins in his pockets.

Nabi Hasani of Chula Vista told the California Lottery that his gut told him to buy a $10 "The Perfect Gift" scratch-off ticket as he made a pit stop at the Arco ampm minimart located at 407 E Street.

"It was just a random pick. I asked the cashier if it was true that I won," Hasani said. "I still went home and showed my children and asked them to confirm it, too."

The scratcher has 20 panels, and players look for a bell and the $1 million figure to see if they won the prize.

Hasani's million-dollar moment came in crunch time: He only had three squares left to reveal when he put his coin on box number 17.

"What a surprise!" he said. "To know I'm helping schools and the children… It's the best thing, actually."

According to California Lottery's press release, the lottery's sole mission is to raise more money for public education. Every ticket sold, whether a winner or loser, contributes to the funding.

The owner of the minimart that sold the ticket will earn a $5,000 bonus.

This story was originally published by Pat Mueller at Scripps News San Diego.

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