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Dog who saved his own life after tragic hit-and-run needs a home

Buster is a 3-year-old Labrador retriever who is looking for an adoptive family after a rough first few years.
Dog who saved his own life after tragic hit-and-run needs a home
Posted at 3:55 PM, Oct 25, 2023

A pup whose perseverance changed — and saved — his own life is hoping to set the wheels in motion toward a "furever" home.

Buster was once in bad shape on the streets of Nassau, Bahamas, after a hit-and-run left him with a severe spinal injury, partially paralyzing him. Despite the immense pain the accident caused, the courageous dog dragged himself to safety on the side of the road after the collision, Florida Urgent Rescue said.

The Labrador retriever had been pulling himself across the pavement for weeks, scraping his knees and belly raw and making his condition worse, when good samaritans found him and brought him to the Bahamas Humane Society. 

"In rescue, we see the worst in people and the best. Despite all the people who passed him by on the streets, some amazing people jumped into action to save his life," Walkin' Pets, a handicapped pet organization, said in a blog post.

But without an orthopedic specialist in the Bahamas, Buster's best hope was to leave the island country. That's when Florida Urgent Rescue stepped in to help the 3-year-old pup with his new life on wheels.

The organization says the wheelchair it got him from Walkin' Pets has been a game-changer in his recovery, and despite his injury, he's "defying the odds."

"Every day, he grows more confident and joyful," Florida Urgent Rescue said. "He's a completely different dog than when he first arrived, and his wheels are a huge part of that. They've given him the confidence boost that he needed, and he loves being in them."

Buster's progress really took off after being placed in foster care, but now he's ready to settle in with an adoptive family.

He'll need a little extra help due to his injury, but Florida Urgent Rescue says he's "absolutely worth it."

If you want to adopt Buster, click here to submit an application.

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