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Ford Broncos recalled due to issues trying to use safety belts

Over 100,000 Ford SUVs were recalled after a safety board said front passengers could get frustrated trying to reach the seat belt.
Ford Broncos recalled due to issues trying to use safety belts
Posted at 9:07 PM, May 31, 2023

Ford said it was recalling 176,000 of its Bronco SUVs after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said drivers were finding it difficult to reach the seat belt's metal buckle. 

Passengers in the front passenger seat of the car were also reportedly having the same issue. 

A determination was made that passengers and drivers in the vehicles could become "discouraged" when trying to use the safety belt. 

The NHTSA said passengers would become frustrated if they were "unable to easily access the seatbelt," and said it usually happens when it is "in its stowed position." 

The notice said that "Driving without the use of a seatbelt increases the risk of injury in a crash.”

The recalls affect Ford Bronco SUV model years between 2021 and 2023 and affect only the five-door version of the Bronco model. 

The NHTSA said that Ford wasn't aware of any warranty or "field reports" of concerns over accessing the seat belts, even though most recalls stem from complaints filed directly with the automaker or the safety agency directly. 

While the public may not consider this recall as urgent as other recalls, the NHTSA still encouraged car owners to comply with the details of the recall and try and find a resolution. 

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