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Man pulled over by police for having large bull in a Ford sedan

Police said they received a 911 call reporting a man driving down an interstate with a massive bull in the front seat of a Ford Crown Victoria.
Man pulled over by police for having large bull in a Ford sedan
Posted at 3:27 PM, Aug 31, 2023

It was a stunning sight on a main highway in Nebraska after police received a 911 emergency call reporting a man driving down a major roadway in the state with a massive bull with horns in the front passenger seat. 

The bull was so large it was hanging out of the full-sized sedan, which appeared to have been modified to be able to carry the large animal. 

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A sign on the side of the vehicle indicated that the bull, later revealed to have been named Howdy Doody, was part of a parade last month and the bull, along with the car, had won Best Car Entry at Nebraska's Big Rodeo Parade. 

Police weren't impressed enough to allow the car to parade down the main highway and stopped the vehicle, which had bull feces all over significant portions of it. 

Police said when emergency calls came in, at least one person reported seeing a cow in the car. 

Police stopped the car to address a number of traffic violations which had been broken by driving the large animal down a major roadway in the state without having it secured in a proper trailer to transport animals of that size. 

Local media in Nebraska reported that no one was injured and the man and his bull were told to return home. 

Reports said the driver, Lee Meyer, has driven the car in local parades in the area before, but he didn't immediately respond to requests for further explanation on why he was driving the car with the bull down a major roadway on that day. 

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