In-Depth: Proof that vaccines prevent COVID deaths

Posted at 5:43 PM, Jul 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-30 23:47:08-04

SALT LAKE CITY — According to a June survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation, there is a strong correlation between the political party of American adults and the likelihood they have been vaccinated.

The gap: 52 percent of Republicans vaccinated compared with 86 percent of Democrats is broader than the gap between men and women, between black, white and Hispanic, or between different age groups.

Republicans were also more likely to say they would “definitely not” get vaccinated than any of the other groups.

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Considering the trust gap over the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, FOX 13 decided to take numbers from outside of the U.S. to see how effective vaccines are against the surge of Delta variant cases in places where suspicion of one party or another is not a factor.

First is the United Kingdom, where 57 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. (49% of the U.S. is fully vaccinated).

In the following two charts, you can compare the direct relation of case numbers and deaths in the fall and winter, and compare it to the very slight rise in deaths in the summer.

You’ll see the same trends in Israel, with 59% of the population fully vaccinated.