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100 volunteers in Utah Valley deliver groceries to those who can’t go out

Posted at 7:46 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 21:46:11-04

Many people can just hop in the car and go grocery shopping, but for those who are sick or high risk, shopping for themselves may not be an option.

That’s where 100 volunteers in Utah Valley come into play.

Chris Shelton, Heather Nielsen and a group of their friends recognized they, as college students, were young and healthy and could help out other people who may be at risk during the pandemic.

“We have an opportunity to go and do those necessities for those who might be vulnerable or immune-compromised,” said Shelton.

Those in need will either call or text the volunteer group number to place their order: 801-598-3993.

The order location is sent out to all of the volunteers and is assigned to someone for pickup and delivery.

Anywhere from four to ten people receive groceries this way, every single day.

“It’s been amazing how many have reached out saying I want to help, please let me help,” said Nielsen.

If volunteers are unable to check out all of the groceries requested, they look at other local shops or refer their customers to online shopping.

Once volunteers reach their customer’s door, they wipe down everything with a Clorox wipe — including the grocery bag.

“It might be the most time-consuming, but we also think it’s the most important,” said Shelton.

Volunteers then make sure customers have paid either through Venmo or PayPal before sending the customer a text or calling them to confirm the groceries have arrived.

If you would like to support the volunteers, you can find their GoFundMe page, here and see their work on their Instagram page.