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Utah stylists find new ways to help people with hair care

Posted at 9:16 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-06 09:08:17-04

While keeping our hair in order is not the first thing on many people's minds right now, barbers and stylists are finding creative ways to keep their businesses running.

Many things are put on pause while we are quarantined, unfortunately, the growth of your hair is not one of them. Peter Sosnowski is a Park City resident and has been a stylist for forty-five years. He and his daughters have been working on creating a YouTube series called "Kitchen Cutters", where they demonstrate at-home hair tutorials. Unlike many tutorials online that are geared at professionals, the series they say is kind of like "Hair for Dummies", something we can all do. "It's becoming a trend to just change your hair out for quarantined, it's becoming a trend to dye your hair by yourself at home," said Peter's daughter Eve.

"We are just here to help moms and dads across the country, do a little better work in their kitchens." "We wanted to help you do haircuts one on one, holding your moms had, pull her right into her kitchen and helping her step by step," Sosnowski said.

Many local stylists have also had clients reaching out to them inquiring about how to touch up their roots or freshen up their hair color.

“We’ve had clients reach and say were desperate, we have all this time on our hands. I’ve never died my hair before. I said, no don’t do it! ill do it for you!" Said Alicia Groesbeck stylist at Nailed.

Groesbeck said a lot of stylists are seeing clients turn to store-bought color for their hair. So to help keep business alive and clients feeling their best, they decided to put together at home hair color kits. Bringing products from the salon, straight to your doorstep. And of course, step by step instructions.

"I think that everyone's trying to do anything they can to maintain some form of normalcy, there's hardly any of that going on... but it's like okay, this will make me feel better, no I don't get to go in the salon but at least I can do something that will make me feel better and refreshed," said Groesbeck

The kits cost around fifty dollars, but many stylists are seeing clients pay the full-service price that they would at the salon.

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