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Vaccines for Utah residents not meeting demand

Posted at 4:16 PM, Jan 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-20 19:36:29-05

OGDEN, Utah — The push to immunize seniors against COVID-19 has hit a roadblock in Utah. Far more people want the vaccine than the state can provide.

Now, it's time for thousands of first responders and healthcare workers to get a second dose.

On Wednesday, more than 1,800 seniors line up at the Dee Event Center on the first day people 70-and-older were able to get vaccinated.

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"Well, I’m excited to get it," said 85-year-old Danny Tesch of Washington Terrace. “Maybe I can go out to eat more.”

The move to vaccinate seniors comes as first responders and healthcare workers begin to require a second shot.

In Davis County, people eligible for a second dose will be notified to schedule another appointment beginning Saturday. So far, nearly 13,000 people have been inoculated in the county.

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“The demand is high for this vaccine but the amount of vaccine that we are receiving just isn’t there to meet that demand. We are going as quick a pace as we can,” said Davis County Health Department spokesperson Trevor Warner.

Utah receives roughly 33,000 doses per week, according to Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson. She’s urging all counties to accelerate vaccinations.

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Lt. Governor Henderson hopes the state will get more doses, but it’s unclear when or if that will happen.