Medical supplies donation drive underway in Salt Lake City

Drop off supplies until 8 p.m. Tuesday at Salt Palace Convention Center
Posted at 12:54 PM, Mar 24, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — Medical professionals who are on the front line fighting COVID-19 are in need of protective gear to do their jobs safely, and a group of people in Salt Lake City has set up medical supplies donation drive to help out.

Items like n95 masks, gowns, isolation suits, gloves and face shields are all needed by healthcare workers to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“ As a medical doctor I am honored and ready and willing to take care of the public and people that are sick," said physicians anethesiologist, Dr. Suzanne Harrison. "But we need the public’s help right now to make sure that those on the front line stay safe and healthy but it also is important for patients because it helps reduce the spread of disease whenever a patient comes into contact with a healthcare worker.”

A donation drive is set up to take in all unused supplies from people working in construction, agriculture or any other profession that would have some of the needed supplies.

“ We’re hoping that maybe while they’re not working they would be willing to donate them to us or at least allow us to buy them at cost which would shore up our supply at this point," said Charla Haley, Director of Communication with theUtah Department of Health.

Dr. Harrison said medical professionals are doing everything in their power right now to keep people safe, but they need the supplies to do so.

The donation drive to drop off medical equipment is at the Salt Palace Convention Center and will be open until 8 p.m. Tuesday.

You can also help out by going to to learn about how else you can help during this time of need.