Tens of thousands applied for unemployment in Utah over the last week

Posted at 9:02 PM, Apr 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-09 23:02:41-04

By the numbers according to the Utah Department of Workforce Services, Utahns filed 33,076 unemployment claims.

The state paid $6,881,153 in unemployment benefits out as well during that time period.

One of those many thousands is Karlene Gillen who spoke with FOX 13 about what she’s faced when applying for unemployment

“My husband actually had to sit down and help me do it because I didn’t know what I was doing.” Gillen said “most all the ladies I work with her older please I can’t even imagine what happens to those… And half of them probably don’t even have computers.”

"Additionally, the application for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance making benefits available for self-employed individuals and others who aren't eligible for traditional unemployment benefits will be available at beginning early next week,” the department of workforce services announced.

They say that benefit will start early next week for those who are self-employed to apply for.

“Knowing that there is a little bit of hope for us is great.” Alicia Mitchell a self-employed cosmetologist told FOX 13. “ I’m hoping it goes back to normal within the next six months or so.”

As the weeks continue however Kevin Burt says they are continuing to see “New claims at an unprecedented level.”

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