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Eliminating straight-ticket voting, telehealth and cannabis bills signed into law by Utah's governor

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Posted at 8:56 PM, Mar 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-24 23:01:00-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Gary Herbert signed 148 bills into law late Tuesday, including a sweeping change to Utah's voting laws.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Patrice Arent, D-Millcreek, eliminated straight ticket voting. Instead of punching one button on a voting machine or filling out a bubble on a ballot to vote for all candidates of a single party, you must vote for individual candidates.

The governor also signed Rep. Melissa Ballard's bill that expands telehealth services in Utah. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Ballard, R-North Salt Lake, became a high priority in the final days of the legislative session as the COVID-19 pandemic began ramping up.

Gov. Herbert also signed some fixes to Utah's medical cannabis law in a bill sponsored by Rep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost, D-Salt Lake City; House Majority Leader Francis Gibson's bill making tweaks to the inland port authority; and a resolution by Rep. Suzanne Harrison, D-Draper, that urges schools to start high school later.

Here's what else the governor signed:

· HB11 Blood Alcohol Limit Amendments, Dunnigan, J.
· HB14 School Absenteeism and Truancy Amendments, Snow, L.
· HB16 School Meals Program Amendments, Johnson, D.
· HB18 Children's Hearing Aid Program Amendments, Daw, B.
· HB19 Election and Campaign Amendments, Hawkins, J.
· HB20 Public Service Commission Hearing Amendments, Christofferson, K.
· HB22 Utah Retirement Systems Amendments, Hall, C.
· HB24 Health Care Professional Licensing Amendments, Daw, B.
· HB25 Controlled Substances Revisions, Ray, P.
· HB27 Waste Tire Recycling Act Amendments, Chew, S.
· HB28 Legislative Water Development Commission Sunset Amendments, Stratton, K.
· HB30 Workforce Services Amendments, Pierucci, C.
· HB31 Local Government and Limited Purpose Entity Registry Amendment, Handy, S.
· HB36 Election Amendments, Harrison, S.
· HB37 Insurance Amendments, Dunnigan, J.
· HB39 Agricultural Water Optimization Task Force Amendments, Snider, C.
· HB42 Heritage and Arts Amendments, Pierucci, C.
· HB43 Peace Officer Standards and Training Amendments Perry, L.
· HB44 Fort Douglas Military Museum Amendments, Ray, P.
· HB45 Veterans Education Amendments, Ray, P.
· HB48 Acquisition Cost Definition, Spendlove, R.
· HB49 Sales Tax on Motor Vehicles, Thurston, N.
· HB50 Tax Exemption for Construction or Unoccupied Property, Sagers, D.
· HB51 Property Assessment Procedure Amendments, Eliason, S.
· HB53 Tangible Personal Property Tax Revisions, Lisonbee, K.
· HB54 Building Construction Amendments, Snider, C.
· HB56 Fuel Sales Tax Amendments, Shipp, R..
· HB57 Towing Signage Revisions, Maloy, A..
· HB60 Corporate Income Tax Credit Amendments, Barlow, S.
· HB61 Amendments to County Form of Government, Wilde, L.
· HB64 Custody and Visitation Rights Amendments, Andersen, K.
· HB70 Repeal of Single-mark Straight Ticket Voting, Arent, P.
· HB79 Parent-time Amendments, Pulsipher, S.
· HB80 School Fees Data Collection, Robertson, A.
· HB81 Judicial Retention for Justice Court Judges, Snow, L.
· HB82 Governmental Immunity Modifications, Brammer, B.
· HB83 Expungement Amendments, Stoddard, A.
· HB84 Traffic Code Amendments, Hall, C.
· HB87 Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program Amendments, Ward, R.
· HB92 Fire Amendments, Snider, C.
· HB94 Water Applications Amendments, Hawkes, T.
· HB95 General Adjudication Water Amendments, Snider, C.
· HB96 Water Forfeiture Amendments, Ferry, J.
· HB98 Offenses Against the Administration of Government Amendments, Hall, C.
· HB100 Veterans Treatment Court Act, Snow, L.
· HB103 Utah Promise Scholarship Program Amendments, Owens, D.
· HB105 Water Facilities Amendments, Wilde, L.
· HB110 Inmate Expenses Amendments, Andersen, K.
· HB119 Child Care Amendments, Kwan, K.
· HB122 Council-manager Form of Government Amendments, Sagers, D.
· HB128 License Plate Reading Technology Amendments, Brooks, W.
· HB138 Transportation Corridor Preservation Amendments, Andersen, K.
· HB142 Criminal Proceeding Amendments, Pitcher, S.
· HB143 School Bus Safety Inspection Amendments, Perry, L.
· HB147 Division of Real Estate Amendments, Musselman, R.
· HB148 Utah Recognizing Inspiring School Employees Award Program, Perry, L.
· HB151 Traffic Safety Amendments, Perry, L.
· HB155 Homeowner Association Provisions Amendments, Acton, C.
· HB159 Insurance Coverage Revisions, McKell, M.
· HB162 Securities Amendments, Mckell, M.
· HB164 Property Tax Modifications, Moss, J.
· HB165 Telephone and Facsimile Solicitation Act Amendments, McKell, M.
· HB168 Public Water Supplier Relocation Amendments, Hawkes, T.
· HB177 Prescription Revisions, Harrison, S.
· HB179 Recycling Market Development Zone Tax Credit Amendments, Christofferson, K.
· HB180 Emissions Inspection Revisions, Maloy, C.
· HB184 Municipal Regulation of Golf Carts, Roberts, M.
· HB188 Emergency Management Act Amendments, Harrison, S.
· HB192 Property Tax Assessment Amendments, Strong, M.
· HB198 Eminent Domain Limitations, Pulsipher, S.
· HB199 Insured Homeowners Protection Act, Shipp, R.
· HB202 Local Government Nuisance Ordinance Reform, Moss, J.
· HB209 Health Data Authority Amendments, Ward, R.
· HB212 Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption Modifications, Last, B.
· HB213 Consent Language Amendments, Romero, A.
· HB216 Organ Donation Preference, Wheatley, M.
· HB218 State Government Cloud Computing Amendments, Handy, S.
· HB221 Municipal Office and Local Elections, Hawkins, J.
· HB222 Start Smart Utah Breakfast Program, Johnson, D.
· HB223 Statutes of Repose and Limitations Amendments, Musselman, C.
· HB225 Phased Retirement Amendments, Potter, V.
· HB226 Storm Water Permitting Amendments, Snider, C.
· HB228 Livestock Predators Removal Amendments, Snider, C.
· HB234 Gestational Agreement Amendments, Arent, P.
· HB237 Change to Effective Date of Water-related Amendments, Stratton, K.
· HB258 Intergenerational Poverty Interventions Grant Program, Winder, M.
· HB259 Electric Vehicle Charging Network, Spendlove, R.
· HB268 Property Tax Notice Amendments, Eliason, S.
· HB277 Personal Delivery Devices Amendments, Barlow, S.
· HB285 Utah Professionals Health Program, Daw, B.
· HB291 Human Trafficking Amendments, Romero, A.
· HB293 Longevity Amendments, Peterson, V.
· HB294 Mining Operations Amendments, Brooks, W.
· HB297 Yurt Amendments, Brammer, B.
· HB298 Victim Guidelines for Prosecutors, Stoddard, A.
· HB305 Urban Development Amendments, Pierucci, C.
· HB306 Planning Commission Amendments, Waldrip, S.
· HB308 Lien Amendments, McKell, M.
· HB309 World War II Memorial Commission, Dailey-Provost, J.
· HB311 Controlled Substance Enhancement Amendments, Hutchings, E.
· HB312 Maintenance Funding Practices Act, Dunnigan, James
· HB313 Telehealth Parity Amendments, Ballard, M.
· HB318 Martin Luther King, Jr. Special License Plate, Hollins, S.
· HB319 Consumer Lending Amendments, Daw, B.
· HB333 Limited Purpose Local Government Entity Amendments, Handy, S.
· HB335 Illegal Activities on Trust Lands Amendments, McKell, M.
· HB341 Associate Physician License Amendments, Barlow, S.
· HB346 Recreational Activity Risks Amendments, Brammer, B.
· HB347 Inland Port Modifications, Gibson, F.
· HB348 Business Licensing Amendments, McKell, M.
· HB349 Insurance Modifications, Wheatley, M.
· HB358 Poultry Amendments, Roberts, M.
· HB361 Personal Injury Amendments, Handy, S.
· HB362 Overdose Reporting Amendments, Moss, C.
· HB365 Child Abuse and Endangerment Amendments, Watkins, C.
· HB366 Utah Alternative Dispute Process for Ada Complaints Act, Thurson, N.
· HB370 Tourism Information Amendments, Hutchings, E.
· HB371 Wildlife Tagging Amendments, Maloy, C.
· HB374 Building Regulation Amendments, Ray, P.
· HB376 Dropout Prevention Amendments, Johnson, D.
· HB391 School Textbook Fee Amendments, Lisonbee, K.
· HB393 Municipal Annexation Amendments, Waldrip, S.
· HB400 National Guard Training Amendments, Peterson, V.
· HB402 Regulatory Waiver Process, Robertson, A.
· HB403 Protective Order and Stalking Injunction Amendments, Snow, L.
· HB407 Regulatory Sandbox Amendments, Roberts, M.
· HB412 Credit Reporting Notification Amendments, Maloy, A.
· HB413 Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance Amendments, Hutchings, E.
· HB420 Turnaround Program Amendments, Last, B.
· HB423 Controlled Substances Database Act Amendments, Daw, B.
· HB425 Medical Cannabis Modifications, Dailey-Provost, J.
· HB435 Crime Victim Reparations and Assistance Board Amendments, King, S.
· HB438 Background Check Information Retention Amendments, Albrecht, C.
· HB441 Criminal Charge Reduction Amendments, Hutchings, E.
· HB451 Amendments Relating to Administration of State Facilities, Brooks, W.
· HB453 Law Enforcement Agency Certification Amendments, Perry, L.
· HCR1 Resolution Recognizing the 250th Anniversary (semiquincentennial) of the United States of America, Winder, M.
· HCR2 Concurrent Resolution Creating the Old Iron Town State Monument, Duckworth, S.
· HCR3 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Consideration of a Later Start Time for High School, Harrison, S.
· HCR5 Concurrent Resolution Designating Utah Education Support Professionals Day, Perry, L.
· HCR6 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Luann Adams for Her Service as Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Food, Perry, L.
· HCR8 Concurrent Resolution Commending Successful Participation in the Municipal Alternative Voting Methods Pilot Program, Roberts, M.
· HCR13 Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Protection and Restoration of Wildlife Corridors, Schultz, M.
· HCR14 Concurrent Resolution Reaffirming Utah's Important Relationship with Taiwan, Hawkes, T.
· HCR15 Concurrent Resolution Urging a State Funeral for the Last Wwii Medal of Honor Recipient, Daw, B.
· HCR17 Concurrent Resolution to Create Awareness Regarding the Value of Birth Tissues, Daw, B.
· HCR18 Concurrent Resolution Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Historic Voyage of the Mayflower and the Signing of the Mayflower Compact, Poulson, M.
· HCR24 Concurrent Resolution on Quagga Mussels, Wilde, L.

The bills can be read in full on the Legislature's website.