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Families clean up after the earthquake, learning houses are deemed unsafe

Posted at 8:26 PM, Mar 19, 2020

WEST VALLEY CITY — Crews have been out at Western Estates ever since the 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck Wednesday morning.

Walking into their home, the Pinter family’s pictures still hang along the wall.

You might not know the epicenter of the earthquake was just a few miles away - if you didn’t notice the floor of their mobile home buckling in.

The Pinter family found out that their house was deemed unsafe, saying they’ve seen cracks in the exterior that were not there 24 hours ago.

“We’re just thanking God that everything was okay,” said Katia Pinter Mercado, owner of the home.

Take a step back and you can see the bottom of the house buckling out from underneath and the porch tipping in—leaving quite a gap.

The Pinter’s are staying at their cousin’s house, making a family of twelve living just next door.

Their cousin, Alexis Alderon, said originally they though his house was tilted.

After the earthquake, Alderon’s dad has been working on the structural poles holding the house—if they can’t improve it, his family and the Pinter’s could be homeless.

“You look around and you think it’s a dream,” said Alderon. “You want to wake up and it’s not a dream.”

Tears stream down their faces, but their grief about the exterior of their home does not change how they feel about their family.

“It’s material, we can fix it,” said Mercado. “It’s better to be material than one of us.”