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Health officials remind Utahns of all ages to take COVID-19 seriously

Posted at 10:43 PM, Mar 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 14:03:17-04

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah -- Davis County Department of Health is expected to issue a stricter public health order Wednesday. It comes as adults are being diagnosed with significantly more COVID-19 cases than any other age group.

"That is so crazy to me," 34-year-old Andrea Alba said. It’s totally different than what they were telling us at the beginning that most old people were getting it."

Health experts believe the 25 to 64 year old age group are in the workforce where they are more likely to be around people. It is also suggested that they may not be taking the current public health order seriously.

The county’s latest report shows out of 84 positive cases, nearly 60 are between the ages 25 and 64. More people in that age group are going to the hospital too.

“It’s because people aren’t taking it seriously. They think they’re invincible, “ said Christina Rojas of North Salt Lake.

Rojas says two relatives living in Centerville tested positive for COVID-19 Monday. They’re in their 20s. One went to the emergency room with breathing problems.

“I posted on Facebook, 'Just a heads up, I know someone now. It is here. It is real. Take this seriously',” Rojas said.

“The message might not be completely taken to heart that we should be social distancing in all places," Davis County Health Director Brian Hatch said.

Hatch believes it’s important to look at what’s happening with children and the elderly. Those numbers are low he says because they’re more likely to stay home.

“We are pleased with the under 18 age group having a very low rate because that is a direct result of school closures and keeping our kids at home has been a protective factor to us,” Hatch said.

Hatch said Davis County plans to roll out a stricter health order that involves asking businesses to work from home. The current health order expires Wednesday.