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UFA firefighters leaving station 102 in Magna because of earthquake damage

Aftershocks making damage worse
Posted at 1:37 PM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 15:37:18-04

MAGNA, Utah — Firefighters in Magna are moving out of their station, worried that the building isn't stable enough to withstand more earthquakes or aftershocks.

They say it’s just a precaution to leave Unified Fire Authority station 102.

Building inspectors have deemed the building safe enough to go inside.

This is the worst damage on the outside, but firefighters say it is worse inside.

The damage isn't all just from that first earthquake last month and they've seen it get worse and worse with every aftershock.

The main reason they're evacuating is because they don't want to roll the dice because they've known since last year that if for some reason the big one hit, this place would not be able to stay standing.

They don't want to risk having to save each other before saving the community.

That's why they're now moving to fire station 111 about a mile and a half away but still in Magna.

That could lead to longer response times for some residents.

“The fire truck with lights and sirens, it takes 60-90 seconds,” said Patrick Costin with UFA. “It might delay the response just a bit, we’re still going to get to your house as quick as possible to take care of things.”

In a study completed last year, UFA found out there are also four other stations that need repairs.

So far, fire station 112 in Millcreek is the only other building that has taken damage since last month's earthquake, but all five will need repairs.

Firefighters say the timeline to finish those repairs is now hopefully moving up.

Because a fire station is much more than just a building.

“When we work here, this is essentially our second home,” Costin said. “We live here. We eat here. We sleep here. This is more than just a business, it’s our home too.”