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Utah National Guard refutes rumors it is asking residents to turn off natural gas

Dominion Energy on when and why to turn off gas
Posted at 12:19 PM, Mar 18, 2020

DRAPER, Utah -- — The Utah National Guard refuted rumors that it is asking that natural gas be turned off in the wake of the 5.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Utah Wednesday morning.

In a tweet, the guard made three points:

1) We are not requesting communities or organizations to shut off gas/power.

2) We are not predicting earthquakes, nor are we aware of any other organization predicting earthquakes.

3) Follow @UtahEmergency for accurate and up to date earthquake information.

Dominion Energy released this information regarding natural gas procedures in the event of an earthquake.

It may not be necessary to turn off your natural gas meter following an earthquake. You should shut off your gas at the meter if:

  • There is structural damage to your home;
  • You smell natural gas;
  • You hear natural gas leaking;
  • There is a fire; or
  • Dominion Energy requests that you do.

What should I do if I smell natural gas?

  • Evacuate the building or area immediately;
  • Do not use light switches, telephones or other electrically operated devices that may spark and ignite the gas;
  • Do not light a flame;
  • Do not start a motor or vehicle; and
  • Call Dominion Energy at 1-800-767-1689 or dial 911 from a safe distance.

For more information on natural gas and earthquake preparedness, click here.