The Rock says he and his family have recovered from COVID-19

The Rock says he and his family have recovered from COVID-19
Posted at 6:48 PM, Sep 02, 2020

Dwayne Johnson, known by his nickname “The Rock,” announced on Instagram on Wednesday that he and his family tested positive for the coronavirus.

Johnson said in the video that he, his wife and his two infant daughters tested positive for the virus, but have since recovered.

"I could tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family, and for me, too, personally as well,” he said. "And I've gone through some doozies in the past."

Johnson added, “We have gotten through COVID-19 stronger and healthier. I am counting my blessings.”

In a video to his fans, Johnson encouraged the public to wear a mask, build up the immune system and be strict about having gatherings.

Johnson said that his family has been fighting the virus for the last two and a half to three weeks.

“I wish it was only me who tested positive, but it wasn't, it was my entire family, so this one was a real kick in the gut. But I am happy to tell you guys that we as a family are good. We're on the other end of it,” he told his fans.