Vitamin D deficiency warning signs; May increase chances of getting COVID-19, says report

Posted at 1:45 PM, Sep 09, 2020

LAS VEGAS — Erin is a hairdresser based out of Henderson, Nevada. She exercises and eats well, but couldn’t figure out why she felt so fatigued.

“I started becoming really fatigued and sleeping longer and then it switched and I started having sleepless nights. I couldn’t rest and relax and my body couldn’t relax and my head would just stay awake,” Erin added.

She says she experienced muscle spasms and eventually loss of appetite. The symptoms went on for two weeks before she went to a doctor. The doctor confirmed that Erin is Vitamin D deficient.

“The stress was causing my body to not take in the nutrients properly, so I also had to be put on medication to handle the stress,” Erin said.

Dr. Romy Block, an endocrinologist and co-author of The Vitamin Solution, says Erin is not alone.

“Most of us are probably Vitamin D deficient which makes it really tricky to figure out if you have it and what kind of symptoms are attributable to it,” Dr. Block said.

Dr. Block says symptoms can include hair loss, memory and mood changes, fatigue, and bone pain.

Even for mild cases, lacking Vitamin D can weaken your immune system. New studies confirm that people with lower levels of the vitamin have a higher risk of getting COVID-19.

Dr. Block says taking vitamins can help, but it’s a careful balance. Taking too many vitamins can be harmful long term.

“They can cause things like high calcium levels, kidney stones, we have actually seen people admitted to the Intensive care unit for Vitamin D toxicity,” Dr. Block said.

Dr. Block suggests consulting your doctor about the best plan for you. You can order multivitamins catered to your needs and certain food can help.

Wild caught salmon, fish that eat plankton, and sun dried mushrooms are helpful, according to Dr. Block.

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