Trump claims Kim Jong Un is 'in good health'

'Never underestimate him!' Trump says
Trump claims Kim Jong Un is 'in good health'
Posted at 7:14 AM, Sep 10, 2020

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday morning that North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is "in good health."

"Never underestimate him!" Trump added.

Reports of Kim Jong Un's failing health have surfaced in recent months. In the spring, reports over several weeks indicated that the dictator was on his death bed, and his sister, Kim Yo-jong was on the verge of taking control of the Hermit Kingdom.

However, Kim appeared at a public event on May 1, according to state media. That marked his first public appearance in several weeks, according to the BBC.

According to the BBC, South Korea's spy agency reported in August that Kim had given more responsibilities to his sister, but still maintained absolute authority in North Korea, prompting moe speculation regarding the leader's health.

Trump has met with Kim a handful of times during his presidency — becoming the first president to ever meet with a North Korean head of state. Despite attempts to normalize relations, peace talks between the two nations fell apart following Trump's visit to North Korea in 2019.