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NFL owners unanimously approve the $6.05B sale of the Commanders

The Washington Commanders have a new owner, and the sale is the priciest yet for a North American professional sports team.
NFL owners unanimously approve the $6.05B sale of the Commanders
Posted at 4:26 PM, Jul 20, 2023

NFL owners unanimously signed off on the sale of the Washington Commanders football team to a group headed by Josh Harris, for a sale price of $6.05 billion.

Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, a group headed by Harris and which includes former NBA star Magic Johnson, is expected to close the deal "in the coming days."

The deal is the most expensive team acquisition in the history of North American sports.

"We are humbled and awed by the level of responsibility that we have to take care of the city, to win championships and really excite the fans again," Harris said in a news conference.

Meanwhile, Dan Snyder, who sold the team to Harris, faces a $60 million fine for inappropriate workplace culture and business dealings.

Former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White investigated Snyder on behalf of the NFL, and briefed other owners on findings that Snyder had sexually harassed a team employee. 

The harassment issue was first raised during a U.S. Congressional hearing, and the Federal Trade Commission received a referral for potential "business improprieties."

In 2021 Snyder also paid a $10 million fine following an earlier investigation into "widespread sexual harassment and mistreatment of women by high-ranking team employees."

Snyder bought the team for $800 million in 1999.

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