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Pony Express is delivering mail again

The Pony Express Re-Ride is delivering mail from Sacramento, California, to St. Louis, Missouri.
Pony Express is delivering mail again
Posted at 11:04 AM, Jun 09, 2023

The Pony Express may be coming through your town with mail.

According to the National Pony Express Association, its annual re-ride kicked off this week.

It will take riders from Sacramento, California, to St. Louis, Missouri.

"The Pony Riders will travel day and night to make the 10-day trip," the association said.

The riders provide continuous updates throughout their trip.

On Friday morning, they said, "After a rough night working around flooded areas, the Pony passed just south of Sand Springs, NV, heading east, running about 45 minutes behind."

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The original Pony Express was formed in 1860. Everything from letters to newspapers was carried from Missouri to California.

The service only lasted 18 months as advancements in electronic communication gained traction.

However, the legend of the Pony Express lives on in the West. That's why the National Pony Express Association hosts the yearly ride.

The association says 650 riders take part every year. They can be as young as 14 years old.

Unlike in 1860, people can track the riders' progress. They are equipped with GPS devices. Click here to see where the riders are now. 

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