Back to School


Monday is back-to-school day for thousands of Utah schoolchildren

Posted at 7:00 AM, Aug 17, 2020

MURRAY, Utah — Monday is back-to-school day for thousands of Utah children.

Like so many other districts, the students in the Murray School District will return to classes.

Murray was the first district to close back in March when the pandemic first broke out and as the school year begins, students will have three options: fully online, all in person or a hybrid mixture between the two.

A parent of some students at McMillan Elementary School in Murray spoke with FOX13's Lexie Johnson early Monday morning.

“We want things to look as normal as they possibly can but they are looking a little bit different, but I’m excited, my kids are excited to be back in school with their teachers and their friends," Jeanette said. "I’m grateful for the safety precautions that are being enforced with mask wearing and social distancing and we’re moving forward with confidence like we’ve got this and looking forward to a good school year.”

Jeanette said she has drilled her children to follow all of the rules set up because if everyone follows the rules, there's the best chance that plans to keep schools open during the pandemic will succeed.

Superintendent Jennifer Covington said many hours have been spent working to put a plan together where they can offer educational opportunities to students that make everyone feel safe returning this fall.