In-home nurses doing their best to keep patients safe

in-home nurses
Posted at 9:49 AM, Jan 25, 2021

As an in-home nurse who calls Yonkers, New York home, it's Donna Davis' feet that carry her to her patients. A registered nurse for nearly 25 years, Davis isn't carrying for patients in a hospital, but rather in their homes.

"They have to feel comfortable that you know what you’re doing and you’re going to listen to them," Davis said about the job she sees as a calling.

It is for that reason that COVID-19 has been all the more difficult for Davis and other in-home care professionals across this country. At the moment, she only cares for two patients, both of whom are terminally ill. If Davis were to bring COVID-19 into either of their homes, the consequences would likely be deadly.

"Especially, if we’re dealing with patients who are already terminal. They know they’re doing to die. Their families know they’re going to die, but they don’t want it to be from something foolish or something we could’ve prevented," Davis explained.

This outgoing, social 58-year-old caretaker, who always keeps a camera in her purse, has had to dramatically scale back social interactions. Dinners with friends, holidays with family are all too risky.

"I have to be mindful of where I go and who I’m around because I don’t want to bring anything to these compromised patients," she added.

But Davis knows it's the sacrifice she and other in-home care professionals across the country are making right now that will help bring the country to the other side of this virus.