Davis, Weber and Morgan Counties to reopen economy May 1

Posted at 3:50 PM, Apr 22, 2020

Nearly all businesses will be able to reopen in three northern Utah counties on Friday, May 1.

Davis, Weber and Morgan County leaders announced enough progress has been made in the fight to contain COVID-19 over the last six weeks.

The Davis County Director of Health told FOX13 News the number of new cases dropped 50 percent over the last two weeks.

In Weber and Morgan Counties, the health director said they are averaging three new positive tests a day after peaking at the end of last month.

“We nailed it. We feel like we threaded a very small needle,” said Davis County Commissioner Lorene Kamalu.

With guidance from the state, the three counties work in unison to lift health orders and directives on nearly every business on Friday, May 1.

“Over the last six weeks, we have done what we have set out to accomplish. That is to curb the COVID outbreak here locally,” Davis County Director of Health Brian Hatch.

Businesses allowed to reopen include hair and nail salons, gyms, and restaurants with sit-down dining.

“We’ve had fallout from our local businesses, especially small business. We have a responsibility, as elected officials, to get these businesses back in business in a timely manner, in a safe manner,” Weber County Commissioner Gage Froerer said.

Despite criticism from some physicians, county commissioners said it’s been long enough to have businesses closed.

When they reopen, the health department will ask employees and customers to distance themselves, use face masks and sanitizer.
“I still am cautious. This is not over,” said Hatch.

County leaders announced they will release more guidance next week to help business owners prepare to reopen with social distancing in mind.