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Sen. McConnell cleared to continue work, Congressional physician says

Attending Congressional physician Dr. Brian Monahan consulted with McConnell and with neurologists, and cleared McConnell to continue working.
Sen. McConnell cleared to continue work, Congressional physician says
Posted at 2:36 PM, Aug 31, 2023

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell can continue working after a second public incident in which he froze up, according to a report by the attending Congressional physician Dr. Brian Monahan.

The physician said in a statement that he had consulted with McConnell and with his neurologists, and cleared McConell to continue his duties.

At a Wednesday news conference, McConnell, 81, had frozen up for about 30 seconds, saying nothing.

A spokesperson later said the Senator felt lightheaded at the time, and would consult with a doctor.

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This is the second time in about two months that McConnell has frozen up on camera. In July, he was speaking with reporters in Washington when he abruptly paused for about 20 seconds. In that case, he was escorted away from the cameras. 

He would later tell reporters that he was fine. 

In March, McConnell fell and sustained a concussion and a broken rib at a dinner event.

McConnell, who shares little about personal health matters, called several members of the congressional leadership after the Wednesday incident.

While most republicans still publicly support McConnell in Congress, the repeated health incidents have prompted speculation about whether he will run for reelection, and who might succeed him in Republicans' leadership role.

In this latest incident, McConnell froze up just after a reporter asked him for his thoughts on his reelection prospects for 2026.

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