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The 'Sticky Note Bandit' is on the loose

The man is sliding a threatening note to the bank teller and then leaving with an undisclosed amount of money.
The 'Sticky Note Bandit' is on the loose
Posted at 5:25 PM, Jul 17, 2023

The FBI is looking for a bank robber they've dubbed the "Sticky Note Bandit."

This man dressed in a wig, sunglasses and a mask has allegedly robbed three banks in 10 days — sliding a threatening note to the bank teller and then leaving with an undisclosed amount of money. 

Connor Hagan works for the Houston FBI office. Hagan says, "The Sticky Note Bandit has robbed not once, not twice, but three times. There's no reason to think that he won't rob again." 

He added, "If you're looking at a map where these robberies occurred, a couple of them were in Houston, and one of them was in Harris County. So right then and there, you have three agencies that are involved, just based on the territory where this individual is striking." 

Hagan says it's not unusual to see these "spree bank robbers," and "three [robberies] in 10 days is not all that unusual." 

Hagan added, "There have certainly been cases in the past where individuals who may be on parole or probation from prison for previously robbing banks go and realize, 'Hey, I've only got a limited number of time after robbing the first bank.' And so they, you know, hit other banks." 

Fortunately, no one has been injured so far in these robberies, but Hagan says the people involved are still impacted. 

"A mom of two kids who goes into a bank to get a few hundred dollars for groceries, or maybe a teller that just started working there, you know, three months earlier. These are all individuals that are victimized and impacted when someone comes in and threatens their lives in exchange for an undisclosed amount of money," Hagan said. 

The suspect is described as a 5'8" black male, with a thin to medium build, wearing female clothes and carrying a black purse.

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